Hitachi 7200 4 month appraisal


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I've had the 7200 since May 30.
So I thought I'd have another close look at it and pass on my opinions :smashin:

I reckon I have now done in excess of 1000 hours.
We're having a new carpet laid on Monday, so we have had to gut the living room :thumbsdow
Hence we have temporarily set the screen up in our very narrow kitchen.
The viewing distance is 4ft :eek: and it shows up everything.
I watched Shawshank Redemption on Sky movies last night, through Scart RGB. I know the film fairly well so thought it would be a decent reference.
The major thing I noticed was artifacts and blockiness, brought about by compression, obviously. With Sky movies being a fairly good feed, I tried other channels and some were very poor, with major blockiness. Whilst not unwatchable (I'm used to Divx) it was very noticable.
Back to the film, I switched to Cinema mode. I was very impressed with this, the brown tint looking very real. I also had the lights off, something I never normally do, so I thought "let's have a good look at the blacks".
Now, I have often said on here, that the blacks are not a good as a Panny.
And that still stands.
Although I did notice something that surprised me.
The real blacks in the film were definitely darker than the bezel :smashin:
although to be fair, the screen was reflecting some light onto the bezel, making it lighter than true black.
So that's not true black, but pretty reasonable all the same.
I was also pleasantly surprised that I could see a lot of detail in the black. I normally can't at my 11-12ft viewing distance. I now suspect my eyes (I'm 43 and was told about 5 years ago I should wear glasses for driving).

Whites are particularly good, IMO, with no sign of crush, something that can be horrendous on some channels. Again, an indicator of a poor feed, IMO and I can understand how people have said they don't like the 6600 with SKY.
There was NO solarisation on the film, although I have seen it on my friends
7200. Again settings, I reckon.

Colours are very vibrant and one of the 7200's strong points, IMO.
In the film there is a lot of brickwork and fields etc, thus it is good for checking detail and I was pleased here too.
I can confirm the picture definitely gets better with time :smashin:

Right, the film finished, so let's try the footy.
Here is plasma at it's worst :thumbsdow
For the first time, I've seen motion blur on a 7200 and floating coloured pixels
around the players bodies. I was well disappointed.
The grass seems fine, even in panning shots, but the screen just can't handle something as small as the players.
I'm guessing though, that this is just because of my silly viewing distance and I'd see this on any telly, when sat so close.

I have tried the inbuilt speakers properly (I have previously said they are rubbish) and to my surprise they are actually rather good. Anybody who is only used to normal TV sound, could not fail to be impressed with the width in Matrix mode.
I have used "virtual" type sound before and have never been impressed.Matrix really does add width to the soundtrack, with speech coming from the centre of the screen and effects coming from the sides.
A big criticism is that as soon as you go up to about 3/4 volume, the speakers start to rattle, you know, as though being clipped. At a more reasonable volume, they provide fairly good bass, but at a cost to clarity in speech. I'm being unfair here, because I'm making comparisons to 5 X 100W speakers and a Yammy amp.
All in all, not a patch on a surround system, but reasonable.

To sum up then, I'm still very happy with my screen.
Would I swap it??
No, because I believe it gives a good VFM/performance balance :smashin:
But then again, if the 6600 was out at the time and if the PQ of it is as good as the 7200, I'd have loved to have saved £500.


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Thought the Shawshank was on Channel Four last night :confused:

Noticed the footie on the 7200 seemed poor but when I switched to AV2 RGB Sky it improved, but I will post comment after I watch Blues v Arsenal, but having said that I have sunk a couple of Stella's :rolleyes: :eek: :thumbsup:


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I stand corrected.
I remember the Stella adverts.
Somehow I thought it was on SKY movies :confused:
I rarely watch channel 4 so can't comment on the quality of feed compared to Sky movies, but I thought it was good last night.
Everything else in my post is still the same though. :smashin:

Deleted member 51156

As another owner of the hitachi 7200 , i too am not disapointed overall the picture quality is exceptionally good although solerisation does pop up occasionally on peoples faces .
But feed the screen some hidef or upscaled dvd sources from the pc and the picture is magnificent ,deep blacks, awesome detail ,definately the best 2 grand ive ever spent .

In fact the hidef picture from the matrix is so good ,you can see Laurence Fishburne never used biactol when he was young.
lol :rotfl:


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How can solarisation be tamed with settings? I've seen blotchy/sun burnt faces on DVD now on my 7500 (from Panny S97/HDMI).
I've been using settings from 7200 picture thread. Should the colour be reduced? (currently -5, note I haven't used colour management or decoding).


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When I had my 5200 I found the colour was still colorful at -14 but it corrected many of the problems that i had at times


When watching cable television i also have some solarisation. When watching DVD there is absolutely no solarisation. Also on some channels people and objects are surrounded by pixels. I have tried several setting witch only made it worse. Could anyone explain why this is being caused? Is this the screen or the quality of the feed?

My screen is being ISF calibrated on the thirst of November. Could anyone tell me if this could reduce/solve these artifacts?



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stanleyntl said:
How can solarisation be tamed with settings? I've seen blotchy/sun burnt faces on DVD now on my 7500 (from Panny S97/HDMI).
I've been using settings from 7200 picture thread. Should the colour be reduced? (currently -5, note I haven't used colour management or decoding).

I've had my 7200 now a couple of months (don't know how many hours), and I'm sure that there is more solarisation than when first had the screen. Either that or I'm getting more fussy over the PQ. As Stanleynt says, any way of reducing this effect with picture settings? I thought it may down to broadcast quality, but sometimes I'm not so sure.


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Interesting to see people s thoughts on screens after a few months, I have had my 5200 for about 2 months now, it is on about 10 hours per day, with kids after school, toddler during the day and then occasionally me and the wife in the evening!!! But, when I first set it up I was impressed but fekt slightly disappointed, but now that she is run in and playing with teh settings has settled down and the addition of a good scart lead I would say that the PQ has settled down nicely and overall I am very impressed, quite happy, would say that the quality channels on Sky e.g. Sky Sports, Movies etc are excellent, notice very little fuzziness round the players etc, the low quality feeds from UKTV Style etc are a bit crap, the kids channels liek CBeebies, Playhouse Disney are excellent, colours are superb, so yes very happy with the screen, DVD's cant really comment as am using my old DVD connected with S-Video, but even that looks pretty good to me, looking forward to getting a DVI or component with PS soon, then hopefully movies should come in there own!!

Marks out of ten for my 5200 9/10, very pleased.

Sorry for hijacking tyour thread just thought I would share my thoughts on a similar Hitachi product.

Regards James


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To all,
The settings appear crucial, IMO.
Like I said I have seen solarisation on a 7200.
Very occasionally on my own screen too.
But never from my cheapy Skyworth DVD jobby.
It all indicates feed to me.
I believe the 7200 may have a problem with poor feeds, although nothing major, I'd say.
As for the floating pixel thing I mentioned, (bear in mind I was sort of taking the p*ss watching from 4ft) I found later, that pulling the sharpness down corrected this :smashin:
I tried noise reduction, but it didn't do much for me.
Sharpness really is important and I strongly suggest you experiment with it.

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