Hitachi 55" plasma PMA 550E, anyone ?


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Hi, anyone knows anything?
It is e-alis, ok, might not be the best technology but it is available already and I could get it from my dealer for 6k.
My 42" is simply too old and too small , and I have need for 55" exactly. That much space I have!
Joe, Gordon???

I will take a look myself but I would like a word from proffs.


Steve Zodiac

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I believe that the glass in the Hitachi is the same as in the Fujitsu 55", but this costs almost 3 grand more. I have seen the Hitachi available for £5751.

Sorry, I don't know anymore than that - but someone out there must!

I too would be interested in some more info.



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I saw it in HK today, and the picture using component is absolutely stunning!!! Imagine what DVI will look like!

At least on par with Pioneer 50 inch, and this is 5inches larger!


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