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Hitachi 5200/53000, Sky & videotape


Russell King

Many of our clients have been asking about HDCP & Sky broadcasts to come. As a reseller its very confusing for us, as there is a big difference between something that is compliant and something which delivers.

However the following is what I believe to be the case, gleemed from those in the know - but that does not mean its 100%.

The 42PD5200 is a High Definition product but at present does not support 720p50 which is one of the frequencies that Sky say they will require manufacturers to support. At the time of design this product complied with all of the HD standards applicable and no country in the world was using 720p50 or proposing to use it. The European broadcasters had a meeting in the middle of last year and discussed the use of 720p50 as well as 1080i.

Although Sky have indicated that they will require this resolution as well as 1080i the official announcement for the use of both formats was not given until the 19th January 2005. Manufacturers will now have to state if they comply with all aspects of the Eicta standard if they wish to use the Eicta HD logo.

Now manufacturers have an actual standard to work to, some will develop software(firmware) to enable 720p50 via the DVI port.

Please note that the 5300 models are not HD compatible.

Bear in mind that only Sky have officially said they will want both formats and they will not launch a product until mid 2006.

There are many good arguments for and agianst the Alis panel, but it can show 1000+ lines (I know - not at one time, so blink and you will miss it), so a 1080i signal will give better results than a 720p.

There is not a lot I can add to this from my grey cells - except from my IT background, I would say buy for today. Tomorrow it may never happen, and if it does - well the technology will be twice as good and half the price, but with only 640K of memory (more than I could ever need), I could be wrong.




Cheers Russ, good thread and explanations. I hope that we can use our screens, as although not immediately I would be interested in SKY Hi-Def for the footy etc.
I think it will take a good few years to get in swing before I would justify any additional expense for the service. I really bought the screen for DVD's (for today anyway).

just a quick question- you mention firms producing software to use the resolution. how would that work for instance ?



Standard Member
whilst agree with everything russell says, its typical of sky to try to dictate to the manufacturers what formats their sets support they want to dominate evrything to do with the visual media it's about time they were put in their place by the makers,other broadcasters and us together, if you've bought a set that at the time of purchase was hi def compatible thats the way it should remain. Sorry for the outburst but when I see what they get away with it makes my blood boil. :mad:

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