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Jan 31, 2004
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was thinking about getting a hitachi 500e plasma monitor soon,

i have a few questions first and i hope you can help.

well i want to use the component connection on the plasma but i have 3 devices to connect to it SKY/XBOX/DVD Player
how can this be done can anyone reccommend a box that does this?
basicly i need a box that will accept 3 scart sockets then output to a component to go the plasma.
i`ll also need some form of audio output from my 3 devices so a audio out that worked at the same time would be great also.

but! can i get a amp / reciever that will do all this for me?
ie scart or composit in (atleast 3 inputs) and one composit output to plasma.. if that could be done that would be my preferable option, i could mebbe spend around £250 on a amp any ideas?

like this amp in the picture on thi slink , (but i`d need 3 inputs as i said above)

any other help on the matter will be greatfully accepted

thanks james :confused:
I'm sure SKY, xbox have component outs on them.
What DVD player are you planing to use ? It may have a component out. Don't use composite its the worst.
Component - RGB - Svideo - scart - composite in decreasing order
I personally prefer Svideo to scart i think its debatable between the 2.
Are you planning on a 5.1 setup ?
The 500E comes with only 1 RGB socket. you can buy a component boards though.
Most amps do allow you to put your video sources through them.
The sony has 2 component in and it takes S-video
The pioneer amp you show will only take 2 sources
Your Spending 3K or so on a screen you should make the most of it.
I would checkout as well for deals on amps.

hi m8 thanks for the reply.

i ordered this amp

it has 2 scarts in and 2 scarts are in/outs (See image attached)i`m guessing that means i can plug 3 scarts in and have 1 going out to the plasma.
also the guy told me this plasma doesnt have a scart socket only component, so i got a qed av19 scart to component lead. does all this sound ok to you?


This just ain't gonna work. Sky does not output component video. There is no intrinsic problem with using this amp to switch as such, but you will need lots of bits and unusual leads to make it all work. Component does not usually use scart, your dvd will have 3 phonos for it's component connection. But, there is another way (thre always is.) For cost effectiveness with the hitachi screen, and as progressive scan makes little diffference to it, connect up RGB with this amp, and then from the TV scart connect to the plasma with this. scroll down to 'scart out to 4x BNC, RGB and sync on composite. You have to set this up in the menu on the plasma, but it works well on Hitachi screens, it's what Hitachi recommend on their website. All connected devices must be set to 'RGB', but at least as you have a composite connection you will be able to see the menu to turn it on on sky and dvd. X-box is default RGB I think, but you must have the right lead.

Try that and come back with any difficulties
Hi Logix, Have you checked the 500E you are buying has the video board included in the price? (all so far I have seen advertised in this country have).
I do not know what the output from the xbox is, but my 500E is set up to Sky+(RGB) to Plasma Scart(RGB) and DVD(component) to Plasma (Component).
This way I do not have to rely on the amp to do the switching and any degradation that it might bring into the line.
If the xbox outputs RGB, and you really do just want the amp to do the extra button push for you, you have enough connections on that amp to do the job although you will only be useing the RGB output from the DVD and not the preferable Component output, if indeed your DVD player has Component out? standard without the video board if my memory is correct the 500E does not have Component in without the video board.

Best regards David
Galaxy, it has numerous ways of inputting RGB and sync though. And in the case of an interlaced screen, it processes interlaced and progressive signals to fit the panel, so there is no loss between RGB and component. Component is not a 'preferable ' input over RGB, they are 2 sides of the same coin in effect. Just that scart type RGB is not progressive scan, unlike computer RGBHV, which usually is. As I said, Hitachi recommend RGB and sync, not component, as the best way to connect a DVD player. I feel we can probably trust them to suggest the best method for their screen.
MAW, What you say is correct for the 400E as regards the RGB + sync, but I was recomended by Hitachi with the 500E to use the Component inputs from DVD, and Scart RGB from the digibox.
I was shunted around a bit at Hit UK before I found the technical chappy who knew the 500E as it was still relatively new even for them.
Of course all you say about RGB and component is correct just different flavours or the same lolly!
The 500E if my memory serves me well has only the two inputs as standard without the video board, HD15 and component input via phonos.
And I still believe component is preferable over RGB, and the reason is the connection not the signal, the scart plug and socket was thrust upon us by the french several years ago (peritel) and taken up with great gusto by the manufacturers because of cost/size advantages, it is an inferior design.

best regards David
no my dvd player does not have component out i`m afraid.
maw this is the lead i ordered .
galaxt i ordered the plasma from tv & video direct he said it had no scart connectors with it :( it will be here tomorrow so i`ll know for sure then.
i do want thi samp for switching between devices as it seems wife friendly.also has built in delay incase of any lip sync problems.
if it does indded have a scart input should i just get a scart to scart or maybe a scart to 15 pin lead?
Logix, If you have indeed ordered the 500E not the 400E and it does not come with the Video Board/module then the leads you have ordered will be of no use to you I am afraid.

Best regards David
That's a rgb and sync, lead, not component, that's the one you want. Just a question of nomectature. Conventionally we call RGB RGB, yes it's 'component', but we call YUV colourspace component video, which is how we all get confused. It's clear to me you know what you are doing, just using the 'wrong' words, not even really wrong, hitachi do it in the handbook and web.

edit: The pma500's I've done have all had boards!
Well it looks like the "wrong" lead has been ordered by Logix if he has no video input board coming with his 500E..........

There will be no where for him to plug in his "RGB+sync" lead!

RGB is conventionally understood to be "SCART" RGB

Component is conventionally understood to be RGB sync on green (in the domestic/consumer world at least).

As you say there are several different Component protocols but these are usually only applicable to the broadcast industry, I guess that is where the confusion sets in?

Best regards David
What ever the fact remains that Logix needs to clarify with his supplier the screen he has ordered, whether in fact it has the video board and sort out that RGB+sync lead........

Are you there Logix????

Best regards David
RGB sync on green is still rgb. Usually a scart signal, Nokia STB's do it. YUV is component, not the same at all.
yes i`m here.
the guy told me it comes with the standard connections component ect. mebbe he just got it completely wrong and it does have a scart imput (i hope so).
what connections can i expect on the plasma if that board is not included galaxy?
Yes it is, its all RGB of course.........where would we be without it? LOL.......don't get me started on YUV component too! ;o)

As I said earlier to Logix, all the 500E's I had enquired about came with the video board, if his supplier has stated that the screen does not have SCART input then either the supplier doesnt know what they are talking about or the screen Logix is buying comes without the board if thats the case he will be in a pickle!

If indeed it comes minus the board I hope he didnt pay top dollar for the screen!

As an aside and maybe to ease Logix torment, I did in fact enquire to TV&Video direct before I bought mine and they said it came WITH the video board!

I hope for Logix peace of mind the guy there just had a bit of Curries/Dixons brain fade!

best regards David
And if it comes with scart his worries are at an end, and some decent scart of his choice will be all that's required. The amp is a little lacking in power, I'm resting my feet on one in a box, I'm very familiar with them. Fine for small/med rooms though, we all get too hung up on power.
Logix, the 5000 and the 500 are the same screen technically, its the cosmetic finish which is different.
As far as I know all the 500E's have been supplied with the video board, the 5000 I have no experience of.
I know Hitiachi were going to supplier the 5000 in several different guise's depending on accessories supplied ie, bare screen no video board, screen and video board, screen and tuner etc.

If it is the silver version then it is the 500E and I hope it comes with the video board as I suspect it should if UK sourced.

I would still recomend as Hitiachi did to me, to use the RGB scart input from your amp, that way you will still get auto switching for aspect ratio from sky broadcasts, if you use the Component RGB+sync phonos on the video board you loose that facility.

Best regards David
Logix..............just make sure you let us know when it arrives today, I think we are all as nervous as you now? LOL
Logix, looking at that price on the website, there is no way that can be without the video board!
If it arrives without (it is packed seperately in the bottom of the main box) I would query the order and reject it!

Best regards David
thanks for the great info guys.
my qed av19 cable and tannoy fx5.1 speakers just arrived, plasma will be tomorrow :)
i guess what i`ll do is wait untill tomorrow and see if it does have a scart connector i hope it does.. if not i`ll reject it i guess, or call then while the delivery guys are here.
if it does have the scart socket i`ll return the qed lead then get a few high quality scart leads for my dvd/sky and to the plasma.
i think that amp should do me fine as i said above i got the tannoy fx5.1 speaker package and my room is only 4.2m x 3.6m.. the sreen will be on the wall at 3.6m width.

Well they look good!

Cables and quality/price are a very sticky point in here......

I usually make my own up from cable I know to be good quality.

I am not going to get into a cable debate, Lord knows there are enough mass debaters in here talking about cables! LOL

Have a browse through the cables/DIY forum threads.

Best regards David

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