Hitachi 500E v Panny 6 v Fujitsu 30 VHA


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OK. Have been "window shopping" for a 42"er for a while now, collating little bits of info here & there & it seems to have come down to these three models (the Pio 434 a bit too far out of my price range). I think that Nexnix will be my nearest supplier who have all three set up side by side (I don't think Liam has all three, I'll have to ask).
So here's the rub. My eyes will tell me which panel I favour overall for PQ (both DVD & Sky fed), but what do I need to consider such as futurability? I have read here that the Fujitsu although blinding on the PQ front, may be a let down in the not too distant future as regards DVI or something. What is this & how important is it to consider when making my decision? Is there anything else I need to consider at this stage? (I only want to feed Sky (Scart/VGA) a lower end Toshiba DVD player (component) & possibly a DVD recorder later).
Any input very gratefully received.


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Same boat mate. pioneer too expensive, so panny,fuji,hatachi choice.
Due to future proofing I chose the 500E and SKY will look better on a HIRES monitor. I have just seen the DVI output and oh my god ....


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Just my 2d worth here, I have got the 500E fed from Sky+ RGB scart to my 500E scart RGB and I am amsolutely delighted with the quality of the picture from Sky (on good broadcast material).
Its far better than I expected after listening on here to tales of woe about crappy sky pictures on plasmas and seeing some of the real crappy setup displays in shops!

Best regards David


Nexnix has the Pio 434 MXE now for just under 3k inc vat, does that change the equation somewhat?


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Don't forget the NEC 42 XM2/S

HD screen at a touch over £3k
Less than the 434 and highly spoken off over on avsforums

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