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Jan 10, 2004
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Had my plasma for a few days but can't quite get the picture I'm after. The extended life modes are too dark when it comes to night time scenes watching LOTR I couldn't see anything.
played about a little but I seem to have a lot of red in the screen now. I'm also using a Denon 2900 which was playing things very dark but fixed that.
Anybody got their 500E right for them yet ? If so could you let me know what settings you are using.

I find it odd you say the extended modes make it too dark, I notice a difference on the first setting but the second setting seems to make no discernable difference to my screen at all!

The first setting is like just going down a couple of clicks on the brightness, nothing more.

Best regards David
Strange ... The opening battle scene in LOTR (Felloship) I can hardly see the darkness.
Are you just running on the extended life ?

1 other thing i've just noticed my screen has what looks like numbers on the bottom of the screen. Does yours have this?
It looks like screen burn. yikes.... It wasn't me.... I've hardly used it.

Your new screen has screenburn you cannot account for? If it's numbers, you'd know if you'd left a menu on display for ages, or something like that? Is it rude to ask where it was bought, and how long ago etc. And was there any evidence of the packaging having been opened before? I often turn on plasmas before I install them, set them up at the office to speed things up on site, but never for a box sale, unless asked of course.
If you leave the menu on for any length of time , yes there is a latent image left, but this completely dissappears within minutes of watching normal TV......if it remains on screen you have screen burn, but I would have thought you would have to leave the menu on for an exessive time for this to happen!

Best regards david
There is a residule image that appears on the screen after. The setup menu's and my DVD players prompts. The numbers have turned out to be subtitles. This can't be right.... I still have them.

I've had the contrast and brightness set very low or set to extend life 2.
I haven't left any menu's on for any long length of time. Just while I made the factory recommended changes.
Funny thing you say about the packaging I'm still waiting for my remote control (came without one). The company said they didn't open it at it was sent from Hitachi.
I bought it via standsun1que who in turn bought from CKS Entertainment Systems.
Whats going on ...

Haven't heard of your retailer, but then they probably haven't heard of me, so neither good nor bad, but CKS are a reputable distributor, no deliberate funny biz would go on there.
Is my screen is burnt? Even when its off I can see the image from my DVD player actions (loading disc, play etc..) in the top left corner. This can't be... Its not been left like this only while it performs these actions. maybe around 6-10 times
This can not of happened from excessive time (Its hardly been powered on). It is very slight at the moment but I imagine that it will get worse as time goes on. Is it a defect or is it normal ?

I have set my screen to full mode but some discs display the black bars top/bottom and others don't. Is this the anamorphic thingy. When I watch a letterbox style film the burn is more distracting.
I cant get to talk to anyone technical at standsunique.

Thanks for your help

Sounds odd to me, I wouldnt have thought you should get any screen burn from normal on screen prompts at all.........the remote being missing is a little strange I think.
But as you say its the on screen prompts from your equipment your seeing, so cant be anything that happened before you had it surely?
I have my screen set to automatic for sky.

Best regards David

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