Hitachi 43" - no PC mode?


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Hi all, I just bought a Hitachi 43HE4005 to replace my dying 43" LG.

I use my TV as a PC monitor and the LG has a PC option for an HDMI input, I prefer this mode for watching movies as it smoothes over any imperfections.

However my Hitachi doesn't seem to have this option. I tried renaming the HDMI 1 or 2 to 'PC' as some have advised but it makes no difference.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance.

Colin Glover

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As long as the image from the PC is showing on screen, then why worry. The main thing is that the output resolution from your graphics card, and other settings like Hz etc, match exactly. As long as that's the case, and you get a picture, it's OK. I wouldn't be bothered about the name on a TV input, I'd just use it.


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Thx for response.

Oh for me the difference between full and limited range when I watch movies is huge!

My PC with LG TV HDMI (PC Mode selected) outputs a perfect image.

My new Hitachi (with no PC mode) outputs images with terrible noise on the film grain.

That seems to be my issue, I like older films. I screened Sicario on the Hitachi and it is pixel perfect, movies filmed on film from yesteryear are plagued by white dots and dodgy black levels.


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Your new Hitachi is a rebadged Vestel model also available under other brand names.


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Oh for me the difference between full and limited range when I watch movies is huge!

Yeah, but that's not the same as PC mode. PC mode is generally more focused on disabling image processing to avoid interfering with PC graphics and reduce the delay for interactive stuff (very similar to game mode).

If the TV doesn't have full range support then some graphics card control panels do allow you to change output to limited range.


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Thanks Endless Waves. Yes I tried the GAME option on the Hitachi but it didn't correct anything regarding the way movies looked, still incredible amounts of white dots/noise in the film grain.

I think my best bet is to stick with LG when buying a new TV and ask a few members on these boards if when they plug in an HDMI from their PC to the TV and then go to input, if they can choose PC as is shown below in the photo I included.

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