hitachi 42pd7a10 -7200



got a few questions if anyone would like to take the time to answer no rush

after my 1st nights veiwing of the panel - its a mixed bag of thoughts

all settings are around 0 and protection is on plus panel exstend 2 is on aswelll might be 1 now cant remember

std sky via rgb scart is well, terrible, watchable but dosnt show the panel @ its best (banding slight ghosting dark scenes patchy
xbox 360 dvd via component wasnt too bad when watching madagasca
but watching waxworks with same settings and xbox 360 looked almost
as though it was on sky

xbox 360 and playing bf2 component on the other hand was superb and shows what this set is capable off ( only played 5 mins (was bricking my self of burn retention ) lol

this being the 1st nights veiwing and on 5 hours of a 200 hour run in period

question:1 so im asking does this panel get better with age ? if so how ?

question:2 also is it advisable to use the black bar feature so there on when zooming in ?

question:3 do better scarts inprove a sky picture - the same scarts looked fine on a crt but ive read that the plasma is pointing out all the artifacts and compression so new scarts wouldnt help if im right in thinking !

question:4 would useing the xbox 360 has a dvd player useing vga leads instead of component give a better result on dvds ?

question:5 is it probably adviseable to stay off gameing xbox360 for the 1st 200 hours even though contrast and brightness are on low ?
even after 200 hours whats a safe level of time to play on it via the plasma?
is retention and burn a issue with the 427200?

finally question:6
ive used some of the colour settings in the 7200 forum some of them are old now has anyone got any jaw dropping settings theyv found what seem to carry across on all input sources ?

sorry for the long winded post but i wanna look after it the best way i can and dont wanna over stress it ( im paranoid after reading these forums)
any help advice tricks ect would be appreciated


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As Horny says, look at the "Hitachi 7200 Owners thread. The first post gives suggested running in settings that a lot of us used and you should find answers to most of your queries in this thread.

Probably a stupid question (apologies if you've done it already) but did you set your skybox to output RGB?

I bought an IXOS SCART lead and it made a noticeable difference to the bog standard one I had before (even the sound improved!).


yes m8 rgb i think i need better scarts thats why i posed the question
i too run crap scarts argos big black things ,which is a plausable explanation of why it look rubbishish

only prepared to pay 20 quid a scart x 3 anything behond is silly in my opinion prolly buy just the 1 and see if things look better.
my lnb is 7 years old same has the pace box ,although i still get a decent signal maybe i need a better lnb with low noise ratio aswell

waiting for sky hd box,s to come down and content to inprove and i have read the 7200 forum in its entirety but when youv read it and come across problems questions i dont fancy going through that lot again took a whole night to read it lol. think im happy with my settings for now if anyone could answer the other questions minus tv settings id be gratefull

just looked them up
bloodyhell @ 50 to 70 quid id hope they do make a difference i need 4 minimum for a loop dam


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mx-revelation said:
...just looked them up
bloodyhell @ 50 to 70 quid id hope they do make a difference i need 4 minimum for a loop dam
You can pay that right enough, but I got an IXOS 611 (flat design) for under £30!

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