Hitachi 42PD7500 - should I buy?


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Hello all,

I have not really given much thought to buying a plasma TV….until today. I have just been offered a heavily discounted Hitachi 42PD7500.

My current set up is:

Sky +
Denon AVR 3802 amp
Denon DVD 2800
Scart cables by Monster
Other cables by Profigold
4 x Bi-wired (with cable my wife feels would not be out of place in the National Grid) KEF Q55.2 floor standing speakers
1 x Bi-wired KEF centre speaker
Sub = Velodyne CHT-8
Room = 6.5m x 3.5m

I would like to draw on your valuable knowledge & help me decide if I should part with my hard earned cash.

I have tried to find reviews of the 42PD7500, but have had little success.

I will really appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks!


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Welcome to the Forum.

Not sure but I think the 7500 was same as 7200 with a different tuner built in. One of the Hitachi chaps will set you straight.

Tell us what your budget is. Never know the discount might not be as good as you think and there may be other plasmas out there that might fit your budget.


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Thanks, UKseless1.

I hope to look at this from a quality perspective, not just a budgetary one. The asking price is £1250 + VAT.


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PD7500 reviewed in last months What Video, but take their review with pinch of salt.

I have a pd7500 and gives excellent results - like a Super Trintron Plus as it were. Betters the Wega Trinitron it replaced. :thumbsup:
Note it only has 1 RGB Scart, not 2, because of inbuilt Freeview.

I've seen a Panny PV500 -not impressed with pic and operation seems awkward.

You have to see these screens in person. But coming from CRT I think you'll be pleased!


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Seems a good deal but it's still best to audition the screen for yourself before you leap into the world of plasma.

Stanley, is the 7500 same as or similar to the 7200? If it is then Lordfun can track down a 7200 as they are generally more easy to find and he can audition that.


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No, 7200 not identical to 7500. 7500 has Freeview and only 2 scarts (1 RGB), plus some settings slightly changed in manuals. 7200 has 3 scarts (2 RGB).

Picture wise excepting TV tuners they would be identical; at least one hopes so!

Can he really get a 7200 for the same money though? :devil:


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See this thread current settings . For setting TV tuner + SKY.
Search forum for "7200 picture settings" too - these should be used for DVD only.
From memory, I used the following during break-in :
Pic mode Natural
Contrast +5
Brightness +2
Colour -5
Sharpness -2
Temp Cool
Auto Contrast Normal
Colour Temp Adj, Colour Management, Colour Decoding all=OFF

You must set picture settings for each input + TV tuner, and change from Hitachi defaults ASAP - to prevent burn.

You should engage Screen Saver, Luminance Manager + Set Panel Life to Extend 2 during 1st 100hrs to safeguard against burn;(these may override above settings - reenter once set).

Note only AV2 SCART is RGB, you might need to swap AV1 /AV2 leads if your SKY (set for RGB) doesn't flag as RGB.

If the 7500 unit you are being offered is xdem, check with dealer that there is no screen burn, and seek assurances if you should find burnt logos etc post sale. :lesson:


Hell of a price, M'lud! Bite their arm off unless you really don't like the screen when you see it. Note all such posts from owners of any particular brand should be taken with a pinch of salt, you should demo a few screens that are within your budget, and try and close your mind to the badge. Then you'll end up with one you can live with.


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I recieved a 7500 from my insurance company after my rear projection set passed away. I am very pleased with it so far. There are better plasmas out there but not for the price you've been quoted.

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