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Hitachi 42PD7200 - which cables?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by BabyNSX, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. BabyNSX


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    I plan to wall mount my new 7200 and chase the cables into the wall above my fireplace.

    I want to connect EVERYTHING to my screen, so far, I have this list of cables to go in the wall -

    AV1 - SCART -> SCART - for Sky+
    AV2 - Composite + Phono -> SCART - for DSP/Pre-Amp (inputs Playstaion, Xbox, any other additions)
    AV3 - SCART -> SCART - for VCR
    AV4 - Component + Phono -> Component + Phono - for DVD player
    AV5 - SVHS + Phono -> SVHS + Phono - for camcorder/misc use
    AV6 - HDMI -> HDMI - for whenever I get a HDMI piece of kit
    RGB1 - DVI + 3.5mm audio -> DVI + 3.5mm audio - for Media Centre PC
    RGB2 - VGA + 3.5mm -> VGA + 3.5mm - for laptop
    Aerial - Co-Ax cable for analogue TV tuner
    AC Power cable
    Speaker cable - for centre speaker below TV


    This is a huge list I know, but once they are in the wall, theres no adding any more. I cannot mess this up so have I missed anything?

    Also the AV1 SCART is S-Video compatible wheras AV2 & AV3 are RGB. Does this mean I should send my Sky+ to AV2/3? The S-video Output from my SKy+ looks better than the RGB picture using a good scart lead - I thought RGB was better. :confused:

    I tried a Scart to S-video/phono converter plug but that made the picture reallly crap. Is a Scart -> S-video & phono Lead what I should use for Sky+ ino AV1 then? :rolleyes:

    Any good cable shops in North / Central London? I can't wait for another internet order as I have destroyed the wall in the living room and the wife wants it fixed pronto, so I have to buy the leads from a shop asap :mad:

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