hitachi 42pd7200 problem.


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hiya folks,

i have had the hitachi 42pd7200 plasma now for about 14 months.its a excellent picture etc but i have got one problem.

i came in one night to turn the tele on and no picture,no sound not even the stand by light came on, to me the plasma is dead.

has anybody else had problems like this and if so how did they fix it.:lease:

dts borg

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Have you checked the mains cable has not worked it self loose at the back off the TV or the fuse has blown:lesson:

I have the same TV which is connected to my floor standing speakers. If I turn on the amp without turning the volume right down on the TV it shuts it self down. I then have to switch off and on from the mains before I get picture/sound:eek:

Good luck.............;)


hope its has simple has that

one wonders if the claimed half figure of 60,000 hours will ever be achieved by a user
tired of seeing blown psu,s or pcb,s

stop useing cheap components manufacturers


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Firstly, do all the usual checks as dts borg has mentioned and hopefully, that'll sort it. If not, (and I hope it's not the case) it could be a PSU failure. A few people have reported this on the "Hitachi 7200 Owners" thread, the latest being Pacehopper, who posted on the 14th August. His 7200 is only 13 months old. I remember a figure of £300 being mentioned for repair, but I would definitely try to get the supplier to deal with it as it's only just out of warranty.

Mate, having said all that, I hope that's not your problem and the aforementioned checks has sorted it!

Good luck!


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It might sound obvious but have you checked the ON / OFF switch / button on the back of the set ( you can reach it under the set directly behind the power light)

Maybe its been pushed "off" accidentally ( kids!)


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cheers folks for the replies,

done all the tests as you all have said.

i have just come off the phone through currys and they have quoted £120 charge before they even look at it.that money is only for the carriage,assessment of the tv and then and only then will they tell me what the problem is and how much its going to cost.

so say i am p---ed off would be a understatement being that i was only 1 month over the warrenty,and they said sorry but you have to pay.

the thing is that the tv cost £1800 now they say if when they ring up nd say its going to cost say £300 do i want it done or i have the tv back still broken and £120 out of pocket.its all the thing now big companies never help out the small people,they take the money and run.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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No-one else in your local area who does repair work? I wouldn't trust Currys after the mess they made of my Panasonic DVD player.


Kissit, there is a repair shop in Horley who can probably fix it. I think they are £30 up front as far as I remember, which is a bit more realistic! I'll look them up, drop me an email to remind me if you like.

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