Hitachi 42pd6600a : No Picture (black screen) only sound on all inputs SCART



I recently visited my brother in law who has the Hitachi 42pd6600a plasma TV and tried to hook up my Xbox 360 via the official component cable and then the official VGA cable from the 360.

All we got was a black screen and sound - this occurred with his DVD player as the 3rd SCART input in place (other 2 were his Divx player and Virginmedia box which worked fine on SCART 1 and SCART 2)

I tried unplugging all devices with just the component connection and then VGA but still only black screen.

Any ideas anyone ?

Many thanks in advance


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If I'm not mistaken AV3 is composite only, so perhaps the scart has no composite connections or the dvd if set to rgb outputs only rgb and no composite.....:cool:

Why don't you try virgin and divx box on AV3?? :rolleyes:

hope this helps :hiya:


And if you have that horrid little grey scart adapter for the x-box, put that in a scart socket, any of them, try AV1, and plug the green component plug into it. You should get a B/W picture. If not, the x-box is at fault, check the switch is in the HDTV position, connect it with composite and try again. The 6600 is a particularly sorry effort from Hitachi, it could well be the TV being faulty, but it's as well to check all other things before assuming that.


I get the same problem every now and again all you have to do is a factory reset. Press Menu Button, then in sequence 4, 7, 2 and 5

You are now in the Service Menu

Goto Options and press Factory Reset, it will only take a couple of seconds
Press Escape, Standby and Unplug from Mains Leave for 5 mins and turn all on again

If the problem persists I'm afraid you need to call Tech Support

In any case 6600 users would be happy to be kept informed of your problem here

Hope this helps

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