Hitachi 42PD6600 questions



This looks like a nice screen, couple of questions though:

1) 1000:1 contrast ratio, this seems a bit low when compared to other displays at over 3000:1 - is this a 'real world' problem or a marketing ploy?
2) Hitachi's site says the resolution is 1024*1024 - is this correct??
3) What's it like on the PC connection, any good?
4) Is the HDMI input compatible with HDCP? Will it work with HDCP?

The contrast is fine, not as good as a Panasonic PV500, but it is considerably cheaper and is fine for me. It would be nice if the blacks were blacker, but then again, it would be nice if I owned a Ferrari and had a winter home in the south of france. You pays yer money, you takes yer choice.............

1024 x 1024, this is correct, and the screen is HD Ready, so is therefore HDCP compliant

As for PC, I have not linked a PC to mine so can't tell you
Few things I would say about this screen.

1. It is a great price
2. It is HD-Ready

1. Contrast ratio. Well to be fair it is not the contrast ratio that is the problem, it is the screens complete inability to get very dark, when there is a scene whith dark areas it does look washed out and annoying.
2. Noise. even when there is no signal input there is some noise, you need to be standing fairly near the screen to see it so some say it doesn't matter, but noise softens a picture alot. You can turn the Noise Reduction feature to MAX and get rid of it but then you soften teh picture even more.
3. Banding/solerization. Sometimes this can be really bad, I have had 2 screens where it is not an issue so when you see it you really notice it. My mate swapped his 6600 over for a PW8 and even his wife pointed out "it no longer looks like painting by number!"
4. Quality. My mate had 2 in 2 weeks before he used it as an excuse to send it back and get the PW8.

Like he said, when you see them in the store they all look the same, when you get it home you know things are annoying you, not until you get a screen that does things right do you realise just how bad the problems are.
It's a Hi Def ready screen that shows up poor quality sky broadcasts on some channels. I bought it because it is hi def ready, and came in at a very good price. I would surmise that when I buy a Sky hi def box, the picture will be much better. DVD's look great.

You really need to judge for yourself. Check the various 6600 threads and decide to either spend £2000+ for a Hi def (and even they are not faultproof), spend £1500 for a very good quality standard def, or spend the same amount for a Hi def one that doesn't have pitcure processing to clean up poor quality broadcasts (the 6600).

It is not perfect, so if you seek nirvana at £1500 that is HD ready, you may be better waiting a while but for me, the telly is fine
I will say this now, with both SD and HD the panasonic absolutey trounces the 6600.

Resolution means very little.

look at it another way.....

What is better a goodmans hifi with 300wpc or a Mark Levinson hifi with 50wpc? and why?
gizlaroc said:
I will say this now, with both SD and HD the panasonic absolutey trounces the 6600.

Resolution means very little.

look at it another way.....

What is better a goodmans hifi with 300wpc or a Mark Levinson hifi with 50wpc? and why?

Sorry, which Panasonic?
I didn't buy the Hitachi because it had bells and whistles, it is a recognised make, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and the 7200 version has won many, many awards, and it would seem the 6600 is pretty much the same but without Picturemaster. It is HD ready so whilst the picture may not be brilliant on Sky just now, it will be better with HD and whether this is better than a Panasonic, I know not. For £1400, I am happy with it

As for Goodmans v Levinson, you pays yer money, you takes your choice, but if you want to compare hifi with plasmas, if Levinson brought out a product which there were loads of complaints about, like Panasonic have with the PV500, maybe you would be better going for the Goodmans. :)
Duke, how important is the pc input? What are you going to do with a PC?

I only ask as a lot of people really want a higher res screen for using their pc desktop on, and then when you speak to them after owning the plasma for 6 months they tried it once and didn't bother again.
I'd like to use it for some gaming, media centre stuff and the occasional swap to when I can't remember who's been in what film before - it's not critical for gaming though, would just be nice

I had this set till Tuesday , I was not impressed by the screen at all.
Poor sky picture
Looks ugly
difficult to change between inputs
loads of solarisation
blacks are grey
flickers on sky
not enough settings
grey bars on 4:3

I sent it back and was going to get the pioneer 436 however I had a look at the Hitachi 7200 in a shop and had a real good play with it
I really liked it
The sky picture is great and very clear , inputs are all on the remote, blacks are gooand the kids love it as it has a motorised swivel stand.It alkso has tow HDMI inputs one for DVD and one for Sky HD next year.
Well worth an extra £400 in my opinion
If you have not had yours for two weeks yet and ordered over the net get it back as soon as you can!
You will not regret it at all
An all together superior set
The settings that people have put on here to watch the 6600 in are only disguising what a poor screen it is and making the picture dark and out of focus
The 7200 and the 6600 are the same panel, with the same contrast ratio, so not sure how the 7200 has better blacks? Picturemaster may clean up picture quality (but from some posters, that is debatabable), but no-one has mentioned it making the blacks better.

And my one does not flicker on Sky, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder (for instance, when I look in the mirror, I look gorgeous, but apparently this view is not universal).

You will also find other folk posting settings for various models of plasma, presuambly they are also trying to disguise their poor screens as well?.

The 6600 does not disguise or clean up poor quality inputs, so sky can look ropey on some channels, perhaps the lack of Picturemaster is telling on these sorts of input, but this should improve when HD comes along. On DVD's it looks superb
I would suggets anyone who does not believe me have a good look at both screens as I ahve and make a decision which is best for picture there is no contest and it is not just in my opinion but two of my friends have noticed the improvement on sky picture , it is now great and easily better than on my crt the 6600 was poor

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