Hitachi 42PD5300...what's happening with the DVI?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by leamspaceman, Jul 16, 2004.

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    I've just taken delivery of a Hitachi 42PD5300 plasma. I started setting it up and was dismayed to find that the AV/tuner box plugs into the DVI input on the screen!!! In effect, this means the TV has NO DVI input as there is no DVI input on the AV box to compensate.

    THEN, I discovered that the TV does not have alot of the features that are given in the Hitachi spec (on their website). It has minimal audio and picture settings, no multi-screen or picture-in-picture fact, not a great deal. All of these features and more are given in the Hitachi spec.

    The actual manual for the set shows a COMPLETELY different remote than the one supplied and a TOTALLY different set of menus. The menu system in the supplied manual is far more detailed and has so many more picture and audio tweaks. And......believe it or not......upon closer inspection of the front cover, the manual does not even cover the 42PD5300. It covers many sets, including the 42PD5200.....but not the PD300 :mad:

    To top things off, the set came with some protective card taped to the bottom of the screen surround. The tape adhesive remains stuck to the surround and is impossible to remove, leaving four unsightly marks.

    I'm not at all happy about this situation and I feel as though I've been sold a set that doesn't do what it is advertised to do. Hitachi customer services are gonna wish they hadn't got out of bed on Monday morning.

    I've had to ring the online retailer and beg them to swap for a 42PD5200, which i believe has all the features missing from the 42PD5300. They will do it but they tell me the set I have will have to be re-packed EXACTLY how I received it. Difficult when I've had everything out of the boxes.

    I know this is a rant but I feel it's justified. Do you?
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    Try swapping it out for the 42PD5200

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