Hitachi 42PD5200H alternative speakers



We plan to move our 42PD5200H Plasma to a new location in our sitting room but for that to work we would need to use different speakers. We don't want to go the full surround sound route (yet) just want something that sounds at least as good as the standard speakers.

Any recomendations ? The standard speakers are labeled 6 Ohms - does that mean there is something special about them or can we use normal 4 Ohm hi-fi speakers ?

We do have a pair of Celestion 3 speakers that are about 15 years old and have outlasted the HiFi they were connected to. Might they be suitable ?


The Celestions are labeled 8 Ohm but the Hitachi speakers are 6 Ohm. Last thing I want to do is damage the amp in the TV with speakers that don't match !

Also the Celestions are a bit old now - however I think they are full range which the Hitachi must also be as there is no seperate bass speaker on the set.

I know a lot of people on here have the Hitachi so hope is someone has been down this road before and know of a good small speaker that works well with the set.

The lower the impedance, the harder the amp has to work to drive the speakers. Therefore in thoery the amp within the plasma should have an easier time of it driving the Celestions.

I have a 42PMA500 any advice to find a cheap and small alternative as good as the original hitachi ones ? or a place where to find em for cheap since have seen the hitachi ones are 3 way srs would like a cheaper exactly the same alternative....

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