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Hitachi 42PD5200E / 42PD5200H DVI INPUT



Please can anyone help
I bought a Hitachi 42PD5200E about 3 months ago and was assured by the shop I bought it from that I could connect my Yamaha S2500 DVD player straight into the DVI input. Upon testing it seems the DVI input is for PC and STB only.

I have spoken to where I bought the plasma and have been assured that all I need is a hack code and all will be fine. I have spoken to Hitachi and they advise that only the 'H' is Hi Def ready and that there is no hack code for this model. I have spoken to many different retailers and most are not even aware that there are different versions, let alone what the differences are.

I find this hard to believe that they can all be this slack in knowing what they are selling. Why would you make a DVI input that is only for PC or STB anyway?

Does anyone know of a work around by changing some setting to make this compatibe? or am I stuffed???

Please Please Help!!!


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What testing have you done so far?

Your plasma should accept 720p60, 1080i50 and 1080i60 via the DVI socket so you need to make sure your DVD player is outputing in the above formats or it won't work. I'm assuming you can change the output format on the Yamaha?




Check first that the player does support dvi, without hdcp and u may try switchin dvi to either; component or pc and see.Problem may rely on that the panel doesnt support hdcp ,at least many Hitachi including mine dont,it may support hdcp but via the AV box,and if u use the av box u cant use the dvi (single dvi) if I'm not wrong.(hdcp is protection scheme that may be defeated with an expensive hardware box that i dont advice u to buy yet,at least not till a wide rande of HD-DVD or BlueRay players and SAT HDTV receivers wont be released)


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" have spoken to where I bought the plasma and have been assured that all I need is a hack code and all will be fine. " Oh dear, was this a comet special? :suicide:

Fear not...

The 42pd5200x supports HDCP - no problem there...

The STB (set top box) in DVI-STB is a generic term refering to anything but a PC. Funny enough for a PC you use DVI-PC. Both these modes can be selected for the DVI input within the setup menu on your plasma. (make sure its DVI-STB!)

The most important thing is to make sure the DVD player is outputing in either 720p60, 1080i50 or 1080i60 (as its all your plasma can handle) and all will be fine.

Happy viewing!


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