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Hitachi 42pd5200 Plasma Hd Ready

Discussion in 'TVs' started by ricki1980, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. ricki1980

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    Aug 16, 2005
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    Hi all

    On Saturday the 13/08/05 I went to Richersounds to purcahse a ' HD READY' plasma screen.

    I was given a quote for a 42PD5200 E as 'HD READY' @ £1645.99 with 3 years pannel protection and proceeded to purcahse the unit thinking I was indeed 'HD READY'.
    I made a call to sky yesterday and they told me the break down for what was required to recieve their HD service included 720p @ 50hz.

    With this information I checked my spec's and my 42PD5200 E can only do;

    720p @ 60hz, 1080i @ 50/60hz which is in contradiction of EICTA requirements for being sold as 'HD READY'.

    After confronting Richersounds regarding the mis-selling of the Plasma they have advised me that the 42PD5200 E is HD ready? I emailed Hitachi and I recieved this reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    There is a difference between the 5200 and the 5200H. The 5200H being HD Ready.
    The 5200 can accept 1080i @ 50 / 60 and 720p @60. The 5200H can accept 720p @ 50/60 and 1080i/60 . It is HD Ready.

    I apologise for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction this matter may have caused you but trust that the above information has helped to clarify the situation.


    Consumer Affairs Team
    Hitachi (Europe) Ltd
    England, UK.

    I have managed with this email to convince Richersounds that the 42PD5200 E that I have is not HD READY as sold to me and they have offered me the H series of the model as a HD READY replacement .

    Please would someone in the know please adv me if the 425200 H will indeed be the HD Ready set I am looking for,

    Many thanks

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