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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by badlamps2k1, May 20, 2004.

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    had my first plasma for almost a month now and i'm still frustrated with PQ on general viewing. This set suffers badly from colour banding the lower down the image scale u go. Analogue transmissions do look very good but suffer from flesh tones turning green on sudden movement. Freeview (scart-RGB) suffers less so in this respect but on most channels the moving PQ reminds me of footage using a Hi8 camcorder (maybe down to digital although Philips sets seem to handle freeview very well). DVD PQ does improve alot (component Progressive), but again some DVD'd are better encoded than others as the problem does show slightly on some. It seems to me after extensive viewing that all Plasma's have this problem, some more obtrusive than others.
    Which finally gets me to the point, i have read a few posts on proccessors, don't really know what they entail except i've looked around and they seem to range from £250 - £1000. If i had one of these, would i put DVD & Freeview through it , and would in anybody's opinion who's fortunate to use one improve the Freeview PQ of banding. I could always swap the set (upto 28 days old, although incur a 10% handling charge) for a more forgiving Philips or maybe a Panasonic (Dont think this has HD dig Input tho) if the Proccessor route wont improve things. Thanx.

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