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Hi All
I took the plunge and opted for the 42pd3000 for several reasons and generally it is a very nice unit.

However, there seems to be some 'noise' as any on screen graphics (e.g. channel logos, particular using red) show some interference - like a small flickering grid around the text. I was thinking that perhaps it was a weak signal or interference (we've just recently moved home so not completely sure of picture quality for the area yet) but wanted to check being new to plasmas :)

I'm also sometimes a little disappointed in the general quality. Even on component input DVDs. Normally it's perfectly fine, but get any closer than a couple metres and you can see how lacking the sharpness is. I know it's not normal to be sitting so close to a screen this size, but with the advanced features of the pd3000 I wasn't really expecting it. Is it normal, or does anyone have a nice setup for the config options that they'd like to share? :)

thanks in advance, as always these forums are a fantastic source of info.


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The picture quality on my 42PD3000 does look quite bad close up by, on mine at least, looks great from my normal seating position (around 3m away).

This is for both Sky and DVD, I don't get any flickering or interference around on screen graphics - I'm using a fully shielded SCART cable from the Sky+ box to AV2 on the tuner.




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hi m8 it may sound silly but just check that ure sky is out putting RGB i found the same thing with mine when i got it and im useing a top line IXOS cabble my sky was set to rgb so when i pulled the scart out the back of the pd3000 tuner and put it back in it then went fine


Thanks both. I'm sure the freeview box is set to RGB so I'll check that tonight. I'll also check it with fully shielded cables, bought mine some time before moving and can't remember if they are or not.

thanks again

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