Hitachi 42PD3000 - white dots on screen?


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Having had my 42PD43000 for just over a year and being delighted with performance (especially DVD - superb) I have recently noticed random 'white speckles' in the picture at various times. It is more noticeable on the screensaver for the DVD player as this is a uniform dark colour, but also shows up on dark pictures as well. It is not particularly off putting. and mostly, I don't notice it unless I'm aware and look for it but it is there nonetheless.
Does anyone have any experience of this?
Is it a fault or is it normal?
i've heard about 'dead pixel checks' - is this connected? If so what do I do?
Should I contact my dealer who I bought from as the screen is still under warranty for another year?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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I *think* I too have noticed this, but in saying that I dismissed it as just general interference. Is it a quick (millisecond) flash of white no bigger, than say, a pixel?


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Yes, but it appears in random places. however just watched Master & Commander tonight and never saw a thing!


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I posted a topic with picture on this some months ago but got no reply. I get the problem only when the TV is showing an NTSC signal, is this the same with your plasma too?


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No, it occurs watching PAL or NTSC. I am convinced that if there is a problem that it is the screen, but by way of coincidence I am using a Denon DVD2900! However, don't panic 'cos it's occured whilst watching SKY as well. I might just contact my dealer to mention it and 'set the ball rolling' whilst I have a year left on my warranty.

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