Hitachi 42PD3000 vertical line problem



Hi all, 1st up, nice forum - very informative :smashin:

I was wondering if you have any idea what is wrong with my plasma, I inherited it recentley - Hitachi 42pd3000 - it is around 2 years old and has over the last couple months developed these always visible vertical lines, they are slightly off centre and appear to be present in 2 'bars'

The R/H bar does, on occasion disappear and / or flicker, but the L/H bar is constantly visible, There is a stronger, green line directly seperating the two 'bars'

I have used the search function and it hasn't turned up anything of relevance, except perhaps a recommended Hitachi repair co. lol

Here is a pic, so you can get a better idea of what I am saying.

I was hoping (obviously) that this is a problem with the media? box / cable, so I plan on hooking up my PC directly to the screen (the input is on the screen isn't it?) Thus bypassing the media box, and then seeing if the problem persists.

I am no expert but the problem seems to be part of the screen, but not dead pixles, as these would be black and as said earlier, when the 'bars' dissapear the pixles display normally.

This sucks, because it ruins an otherwise very nice screen IMO

Thanks in advance for any / all help from a plasma n00b!

Regards, Liam


Sorry about that mate...I know the feeling. I had the exact same issue with my sony 32ts2e plasma.It was always on the right side showing either a red or green line. It's the panels need to replace the panel with a new one.

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