Hitachi 42PD3000 problem




Right here it goes

Ive had my panel setup for over 8 months and more and more we have noticed this problem? As you watch the screen suddenly the colour will increase? But increases to the normal setting. Basically what seems to be happerning is over a period of time (1 to 2 hours or so) the colour is gradually some how washes out (very gradual you dont notice it doing it) then suddernly will return back to the correct setting:rolleyes:

So you would think there is something wrong with my panel:mad: So the shop changed it for a brand new setup, panel and tuner. But tonight we have noticed the same problem.:rolleyes: The guy from the shop has been using my original panel for the last week at his house and has not seen the fault.

So - any suggestions

It would seem its something to do with my setup.
It does it with normal TV - SKY & DVD

Do plasmas suffer from magnetic interferance from none shieled speakers? Becasue ive got some close by the panel.

Could it be casued by the power supply (ie coming out the socket)

Thanks for any help


PS This new panel buzzes ALOT:mad: My original panel is almost silent:D So im going to get my original panel back.

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