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Hitachi 42DP5300, buzzing noise & colour calibration for football matches.

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Sicilian, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Sicilian

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    Jun 8, 2004
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    North London
    Hi guys,

    Recieved one of the above mentioned Plasma tv's a couple of days ago. Last night I notice a slight electronic buzzing coming from it, today I popped down to the local comet store & listened to one the had on display. This also had a slight buzzing noise. Is this a fault or is this an added extra? :laugh: Dont really notice it when the volume is at normal level.

    Other thing is that when I watch football on any cable channel the player look very grainy & the green pitch it very wishy washy. (excuse my description :) )
    Is there settings to make this look better? Anyone know what football in general is like on these tv's? Anyone watched footy on BBC1 or ITV using this tv?

    Any help & response will be much appriciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. peejay


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    I got one of these, and it buzzed. Richer Sounds agreed it shouldn't do that and agreed to to replace it. So I bundled it into the back of the car - no mean feat - did the 50 minute round trip, and bundled it back into the living room. Still buzzed.

    Some people claim their PD5000 is silent. Others get multiple screens that buzz. My conclusion is that some people notice the buzz, and others don't. Sadly I'm susceptible, but I'm trying hard not to notice it, and I am keeping the screen. Basically, if the TV programme is interesting enough, I don't notice the buzz. If I notice the buzz, it means the programme isn't interesting, and it means I should go and do something else.

    As for the strange red/green colours, my first screen did that, and I haven't tested the new one yet. I suspect it will have strange red/green colours. Some people claim their screen doesn't, some people get multiple screens with this effect. Again, I just think some people notice it and others don't. Then again, maybe some people are able to fiddle with the settings to remove or reduce it. The thread on the front page to do with 42PD5200 calibration looks promising, and I'll be playing with my settings later.


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