Hitachi 32WD2TN standby problem



I have had the above set since Summer 98 with no problems until a month ago.

When you now swith the TV on, it only goes into stand-by mode.
When you try to bring it out of stand-by, by using the remote, you can see the indicator change shade slightly but it reverts back to the full light of stand-by. Thus, the TV will not come on. It stays in stand-by mode.

Tried unplugging the set completely and leave it for 30 mins.
Sometimes the set does come on, sometimes not.
When it does decide it wants to play ball, more often than not it turns itself off into stand-by mode and I cannot get it back on.

Peripherals include:
Sony Sky decoder by scart
Toshiba 220e DVD by S-Video

Tried with and without peripherals plugged into the set
Same result

Anyone give a frustrated guy a hand?


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Welcome to the forums, o1nk. :)

I've had the exact same problem with the same tv.
It's more than likely a dry-joint in the power supply.
I had it repaired a couple of weeks ago and it cost me £76, including a loan tv.
I would have it checked if I was you, as the problem will only get worse (in my experience).
Also, other brands/models have suffered from this too, with almost always the same cause. ;)

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