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Hi all - newbie here, so go easy on me. Apologies for long first post!
Have searched the web endlessly, but cannot seem to get a definite answer.

I bought a very cheap Hitachi 32PD5200 from ebay on the back of a dream - to watch the football whilst having Picture in Picture showing the cricket on the other channel.

It seems from my manual that the only way to get picture in picture operating is to use one of the RGB inputs (RGB1 - DVI or RGB2 - VGA) and then one of the other AV inputs (Probably AV4 - Scart) as the sub- picture.

I have both a freeview box and Sky (Not Sky+), but neither have a compatable output to connect to either of the RGB inputs.

Questions -
The Hitachi website says :-
Technical specifications


Connector RGB1 (digital)
24-pin DVI (Dedicated to the connection of the AV3000E Multi-media box)
Connector RGB2 (analogue)
15 pin D-sub (Available on AV3000E Multi-media box)
Control (RS232C)
9 pin D-sub, RS232C 9600bps
Audio for RGB1
L/R mini-headphone jack
Audio for RGB2
L/R mini-headphone jack
Computer Input
15 pin D-sub (Available on AV3000E Multi-media box)

However reading their FAQ, they answered a readers query with :-

Can I connect the multimedia box from the xxPD5300 Plasma to my 32PD5200 Plasma?

The AVC3000e is designed for use with the xxPD3000 and xxPD5300 models only!

Which of the above is correct?

I tried using a syncblaster cable from Maplins (£70 later), but with the Freeview (set to output RGB), I just get a green frozen picture, and with sky (Set to RGB output) get a green haze. If I change to PAL (the only other option) I get a red rolling screen. On one occasion I did get an "Invalid frequency scan" error - however both my manual (But not too sure on this!)and syncblaster say it should scan at 15.6kHz.

I can get freeview working on AV3 (Phono inputs), but the TV says "Not available" for the PinP function.

Is there any easy (and cheap!) way to get the PinP function working.

Thanks in advance.


After fetching a different cable from work my laptop started talking to the plasma, and now I can watch 2 different channels - cricket on one side and news on the other.

Sorry for troubling you experts with my trifling problems!


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