Hitachi 32PD5200 Intermittent vertical bar...


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13 months after buying it and just a couple of weeks out of warranty my Hitachi 32PD5200 developed a weird fault.

Intermittently a vertical bar about 2 inches wide appears in the middle of the screen and the picture inside the bar is rotated left/right and colour inverted blue/orange !

A trip to the menders cost me 140 quid to take it apart and clean it and now 6 weeks later the fault is back...

As an ex hardware engineer I am puzzled by the cause (apart from being very annoyed with Hitachi) and I would suspect a software bug rather than hardware.

Any one else experienced this problem and had it fixed ?



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Aren't repairs warrantied by law?? :cool:

Does the fault occur on switch on and then settles in??
Or the fault appears when after some time the set has been switched on??

Looks like the control logic to me....could it be the repairers just hot aired the board and got it 'temporarily' fixed...sooner or later the fault crops up again...:eek:

Cheerz :hiya:


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:D Lived with the intermitent bars for a while - until we went on summer holiday - made the mistake of switching it off and when we came back a week later - there were 2 more permanent sets of vertical candy bars.

Sent it off for a quote from the local repair agents who wrote the panel off and charged £70 for the pleasure - so wrote off to Hitachi and after a lengthy exchange of letters they recovered it from the agents and replaced the panel free if charge - fingers crossed it is now working again...

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