Hitachi 32PD3000 and HDTV


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I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the Hitachi 3000(I have the 32PD3000) range of plasma televisions and what sorts of HDTV signals they can recieve. On the UK site, it mentions that they support 525p (but I do not have anything that supports this resolution to try). I have modded my X-Box (originally PAL) to an NTSC one, which allows me to choose the HD output in the menu. With a High Definition adaptor hooked up to the AV box via component it allows me to display 480p (which looks stunning when playing any 480p game, much better than it was). However, when I enable a 720p signal it splits the screen in three, gives me thick lines through the picture and generally doesn't work. 1080i does not show anything but jumping lines.

I looked up a version of this plasma from Hong Kong(PD32A3000) which looks identical and has the same resolution. This version, however, supports all the HDTV signals. It mentions the compatibility with 480p, 720p and 1080i in the AV(AVCA3000
) box specifications. So, it seems my Plasma may be capable of displaying HDTV, but simply does not support the signals. Could the AV box be the weak link, or would the actual screen be different to the version from Hong Kong (Can that extra 'A' be making such a difference)?

It seems that whatever the case is that my plasma does not support HDTV in the resolutions I would like. I have tried a last possible attempt at trying to force an HDTV picture out of the screen by ordering a component to VGA adaptor(Component VGA Box ) that supports HDTV resolutions internally, which may allow me to use the PC VGA input to watch HDTV. This would make any picture settings impossible to apply though I think. I hope it works!

If not, then I guess an upgrade might be in order but I do not think I can afford it for quite a while, which is why I hope this last attempt works. I have had the Plasma longer than a year now, so no more warranty as well. I got it before all the fab reviews and I received a free glass stand from Hitachi as well as I was one of the first to accept delivery of one in my area. Unless it was just a mistake! Its the right size for my room and have been happy with the performance, just means no HD Sat for me in the near future.

Anyone tried anything similar or has any other ideas...?...

Thank-You in advance!



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I think it is down to the tuner box. The 42PD3000 does not support HiDef but the 400E (i think thats the model number), which is the same panel but without the tuner, does. Unfortunately, the 42PD3000 doesn't work without the tuner so I guess the same will be true of the 32PD3000.


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