Hitachi 32LD8700?


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hi folks.

My g/f is thinking about buying one of these as a replacement for her kaput JVC CRT.

£599 @ Argos with a 3 year warranty.

She's not a big TV viewer, and HD will never be an option, just freeview and an occasional DVD.

Does anyone have any experience of this model - is it ok for her type of viewing?

Thanks in advance.
put one on the wall for the mother's as good as any other 32" lcd i have seen.which is nothing flash in the picture quality stakes.

if your Gf can afford a tad more i would go with a 37" plasma!!!
I'm a plasma man myself.....but could not face prospect of explaining screen burn, retention etc....

And as I said, she's not that picky...................thankfully :)
Dont even bother with HITACHI they have the worst customer service ever...& the 32LD8700 U has a not so good picture panel :(

& its the worst peice of electronics layout ever ;) go for SAMSUNG-at least samsung have better customer services & the electronics in samsung are far more superior.

P.S theres quite a few LCD's in Argos with 3 yr warranty.

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