Hitachi 32LD7200 versus Toshiba WLT58



The 32LD7200 has been out for some time now and two reviews have given it a high rating with one saying 'top of the class'. I remember there was a bit of a problem earlier on, was it a buzz, and is it a problem now?

The 32WLT58 is quite recent and as yet there are no reviews. Both have 2 x HDMI etc.

My question is, ignoring cost, which one would you buy? Anyone managed to see/have a comparison?

I note the 7200 got a good quality sound rating with its side mounted, forward facing speakers. The WLT58 also has side mounted speakers but they appear to be tucked just round the sides and face backwards. This is more compact, but how is the sound?

Finally do the speakers pull off either of these sets so they can be mounted elsewhere?
The Hitachi's speakers can be pulled off.I can't say anything about the comparison you are asking but i will tell you(since you specifically mention sound) that the 7200's sound is unbelievable.
Thanks for that. It's my number one choice unless I hear it should not be.
Any buzz-noise problems with the 7200 anybody?

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