Hitachi 2TB external drive delaying windows start


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I have recently purchased a 2TB external drive from Hitachi.
It came with some software called "Turbo USB2.0" which is meant to speed up USB by about 25%.
However before and after installing this software (i.e. it makes no difference) I get a 30 second delay when loading Windows.

I am running XP Pro SP3, and it gets to the loading splash screen normally, only to go to a black screen for 30 seconds before going to the sign in screen. During this time, the light on the external drive is flickering. It doesn't matter whether this is from a cold boot or using the Restart option in XP, it always does it.

I fully formatted the drive when I got it and it works perfectly (no click of death sounds like the seagate I bought originally!)

Anyone any idea what this drive is doing, and more importantly, can I stop it?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

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