HIT 500E COMP vs HD15


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Hi All,

Just for your information, I have been using the HD15 input for DVD component for a few days now since I got the screen, today I made up some leads finally for DVD component to component input via the video board.........absolutely no difference at all!
I changed from HD15 in to Comp Board in so I could play audio through screen without using the amp.
I am not sure if I expected to see any difference, but I didnt anyway!

Best regards David


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Interesting, I'm thinking of using the HD15 input for my new DVD player when I get it. I don't have the luxury of all your connections with the 500. Currently using the component input switched to RGB sync on composite. However this is fine for the SKY+ and also gives a good picture with DVD but I am daisy chaining the DVD through a Free to Air Digital Satellite reveiver and then onto SKY+, a straight connection to the screen would be better I think. When you are using the HD15 connection are you outputing in progressive scan mode? From what I thought of the 400E it needs an input of 30+ khz to work, interlance is 15.6 I believe, progressive should give double the frequency and hence work?



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Hi Harvey,

I am just outputing normal component on my Sony 7-- whatever it is! sorry I cant remember the number, this si the first time I have used it for a couple of years! before getting the plasma we viewed all our DVD's through the HTPC and projector, as far as I can recall the Sony just outputs standard Component.
When I questioned Hitachi on the best way to view through the 400E they never mentioned progressive scan at all, I think I read somewhere in these threads about the Alis screens not needing/taking progressive as the way they work negates the process (something to do with the line doubling already used by the screen).

Best regards David

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