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Question Hisense UB55EC591UWTSEU 4k 55" No iplayer or new firmware !!


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It seems all the other models are either shipped out with the new firmware for BBC iplayer , BBC news , BBC Sports but the 55" 4k UB55EC591UWTSEU doesn't even show up on their website. I purchased my Hisense TV set from www.ao.com in the UK so if anyone has managed to get the BBC iplayer on their TV please enlighten on how this done. Hisense support don't answer their phones or reply to their emails, which doesn't bode well for future sales.
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Well I have been unable to get any response from Hisense UK, they don't answer their phones and don't reply to emails even though read receipts prove emails are been read.

So my warning is , don't expect support from Hisense , they don't have any !! I wont be buying anymore Hisense items.


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Hmmmm sounds ominous, it's all very well selling TVs for a good price but you need the support there to ensure customers don't lose faith...


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I emailed them on Sunday to ask a couple of questions about the K720 - haven't had a reply as yet

Edit: Have just read a post on

Hisense 65XT910 Owners Thread

which says they were most helpful on the phone so perhaps that's the best way to contact them!
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It rang and rang when I phoned them and like I said , they are reading my mail as a read reciept says so. It's nigh impossible for me to ring from work hence I prefer emails.
waste of space


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My daughter rang, the phone was picked up quickly around 11am this morning and a nice chap spent 10 mins on the phone telling her about the K321 50" 4K set. He answered all her questions and filled her in about model numbers and what features and about a special offer at Asda next week.

Also told her about the new firmware update next week so they could not really have been more helpful.


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That's not the experience I have had, I tend to find some companies are very helpful when you mention you are thinking of buying one of their products and they will go out thier way for you but (in some cases) in can be a totally different story when you have a problem and you need their support team.

Sales and Support are chalk and cheese


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November 2015 Firmware updates for Hisense 4K TV's can be found here: Download Centre | Support | Hisense UK

My UB55EC591 will not find the update using the 'Upgrade Check' option or OTA in the menu, instead you must download the CORRECT file from Hisense's website and transfer it to a USB stick - not as straight forward as it would seem!

The .zip file contains instructions on how to perform the update but after faffing around for 2 hours I've finally figured it out myself.

TV into Standby mode > Insert USB stick > Press and HOLD standby button on remote, keep holding through the Hisense logo until Software Upgrade appears on the screen - if it fail's to appear or appears and quickly reboots then follow my unofficial guide below!

  • You MUST have the USB stick formatted as FAT32. (NTFS wont work, I made sure I used an empty freshly formatted stick)
  • External HDD's *WILL NOT* work (by the time the drive had spun up you've missed the update file check and the TV will boot as normal)
  • You must first power up the TV, go to Settings>Network>Network Configuration and then turn it to OFF, Then enter Standby mode and follow the 'Official' instructions (For some reason leaving the wi-fi on my TV would reboot partway through the update reverting back to original F0714 firmware)

I can confirm my UB55EC591 is now running F1118, will perform some tests and see if the input lag fix is successful otherwise my set will unfortunately be going back as I previously found game consoles unplayable

I'm going to assume that this guide will apply to at the very least all other EC591 models

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Quick Test.... Iplayer works fine - It can be found by pressing the Home button (above Ch.List)
You need to go to settings at the top inside the Iplayer app and enable HD content (It is disabled by default)

Input Lag is still present albeit massively reduced, Xbox games are now almost perfectly playable again!
Still having some weird frame loss and glitching on static screen external HDMI sources. It becomes most apparent when playing Pinball Arcade on the Xbox One, it's almost like the TV starts lagging! Some sort of power saving mode?? (I have Gaming Mode enabled btw)

Other than that nothing has else noticeable has really changed, partway through Jessica Jones in 4K via Netflix - if any different than previous will report my findings!

Would be nice if Hisense would release a full changelog... Can live in hope!


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Anybody else having trouble downloading the firmware for LTDN50K321UWTSEU?

I attempted to download the firmware last night but it just came up with an error. I've just turned the TV on now though and it's asked if I'd like to download it straight to the TV.


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Guys I was looking for a cheap 4K tv and this TV fits the bill, but I'm a gamer what is the input lag on this TV since the firmware update? I've read input lag of 170ms which seems crazy.


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Just as above , had update coming up on Tv day after I connected it. Somehow managed to click Cancel so missed out, Tv will not pick up update though update firmware or OED.
As for Customer service here is what I found
Saturday 12.20 Phoned up and spoke to somebody who took details got told they only work to 1Pm on a Saturday so if nobody phoned they would get back Monday
come Monday 9AM Phone goes and its they support asking a few Questions and outcome is now that I have a usb stick in post on they way now to me that's very good service

Very happy with Tv also ,looks nice and great specs also.


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Can anyone please let me know, from where I can get picture settings for 50" or 55" EC591?
Total with with-balance would be great.

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