Hisense U8 4K LCD TV Preview


sorry damianmcr i don't remember the links anymore because there were a lot of articles during the CES from several countries!
I also remember that for the USA it will be at the end of March and the beginning of April !
For USA:
"Pricing and Availability
Hisense is showcasing its entire 2020 product lineup, including the brand new L5 laser TV and the upgraded H9G and H8G Series, January 7-10, 2020 at CES in the LVCC, Central Hall - 10039.

L5 Series will be available April 2020 for $5,999 MSRP.
H9G Series will be available April 2020 for $699.99 (55”) and $999.99 (65”) MSRP.
H8G Series will be available March 2020 for $399.99 (50”), $499.99 (55”), $699.99 (65”) and $1,399.99 (75”) MSRP.
H65G Series will be available Q2 2020 for $269.99 (43”), $299.99 (50”), $329.99 (55”), $479.99 (65”), $899.99 (75”) and $1,499.99 (85”) MSRP.
XD9G Series availability and pricing to be announced.
R8F Series available now at Walmart.com and for $499.99 (55”) and $699.99 (65”) MSRP.
R6E3 Series will be available in 2020 for $228 (43”), $248 (50”), $298 (58”), $428 (65”) and $798 (75”) MSRP.
H4G Series will be available 2020 for $115 (32”), $178 (40”) and $196 (43”) MSRP."
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just an example they don't give a date but mentions availability !
Hisense previews new Quantum Dot ULED TVs coming to the UK in 2020
"Hisense is anticipating a busy year as it seeks to further improve its brand awareness in the UK – it’ll be one of the key sponsors of the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, several games of which are being held in London."
I continue my research. ;)

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All available information is in our video here with Arun from Hisense.
No firm dates, but Q2 is a goal at this point.


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Any idea on price for the 65" model just out of curiosity. I've just purchased a 65" U8B. It'll due to be delivered on Wed. Picked it up for £600 in new condition, just opened box, was a customer changed mind item. I wanted full array, only thing putting me off this is the design, the soundbar looks ugly imo. I have a Bluetooth 2.1 system and I'll be using that.


I don't think the new full-array U8QF will have the same price as last year's U8B which is just an edge-led, so it will be a little more expensive !
to confirm ...

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