Hisense U7G picture sizing issue


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a work around the inability to change picture sizing. I bought a u7g about a month ago and its been great so far. However there is a major issue with 720p formats and the inability to change the size from wide. Like when watching most channels on YouTube tv it comes in at 720p, and because i can not change the sizing from wide to try and clear the picture it looks downright awful.

I actually just got off the phone with hisense and they said the app controls the picture size. I would have to call the company(netflix, YouTube etc) to change the input. That literally makes no sense and if thats the case I will have to return this tv.

Every built in app the picture size is greyed out and im not able to change it. Every app when plugged into Amazon hdmi stick is also greyed out. Only time its not is when im in the built in home page.

But sports is essentially unwatchable with this issue. My 8 year old sony plasma had a better picture on youtube tv And i was able to change sizing no problem.

So if anyone can help with a work around that clears the picture or confirm that this is the case so I can return this tv before im out of my window would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any recommendations on future tvs that will not have this issue with adjusting picture size on apps that would be great. Thanks

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