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So, I unplugged and removed my old LG PG3000 plasma from my wall and replaced it with the wonderful looking Hisense U7A 65" and the first thing to notice is the change of weight and the sheer fact that TVs have gone on a serious diet over the past 10 years or so.

Booting the U7A is child's play. With the HDMI cable from my SkyQ box plugged into the back of the TV, I plugged in the wall socket and switched on the switch and after a few clicks of OK on the remote I had a picture from Sky on screen.

Picture Quality
Atrocious out-of-the-box PQ. I tried all the settings, i.e. Standard, Dynamic, Sports, Night Cinema, Day Cinema and opted to go with the Night Cinema to mess around with as it was the closest picture to being acceptable. So adjusting this and that I got a fantastic picture after around 15 minutes of tampering with the plethora of things you can change. And I have to say I thought it was going to be a nightmare but when you highlight a title, it tells you what you are about to change and how it will effect the image on screen. A fantastic touch by Hisense to be honest. I did try copying someone's settings from off Youtube but I like deeper blacks and a higher contrast so decided to do my own. I can now say the image is lovely. I would encourage everyone to put Ultra Motion off if you want to get rid of the soap opera effect. Saying that, when I was watching The Voice (which is heavy in black and red in colour) I did like having the Ultra Motion on Smooth which made you feel like you were part of the action.

I tried everything on the TV this evening throwing Ultra HD content such as football, HD content such as movies and even SD content with a Fawlty Towers classic and have to say the picture is unbelievably good. I was worried from what I heard that SD content may suffer on a bigger screen but someone it looked better than on my 50" plasma of old. Kudos to Hisense for this achievement.

Onto contrast which was another concern of mine. And I have to say, coming from a plasma, its no concern at all as the U7A gives me better blacks than my old PG3000. I was absolutely blown away with the blacks on Sin City which I gave a blast from an old SkyQ recording. I've seen an OLED or two over the past few years but the U7A (perhaps with my notching the contrast levels) aren't a million miles away with their black levels. Amazing.

Viewing Angles
Another concern of mine. I sit just off centre (around 3 foot to the left of the screen but looking directly ahead) and was worried with the VA panel of the U7A. However, I have to say the washout effect is hardly noticeable. Its only when you sit dead central that you appreciate that you do lose a little of the picture sitting at an angle but its absolutely no concern at all.

Sound Quality
Incredible. The options which are available all do the job they are assigned. Theatre worked fantastic for movies and I only used Standard for watching normal TV. I don't think I will opt to try the others as I'm happy enough with these. And the volume and clarity from the rear mounted speakers is surprisingly good too. I have a soundbar but I may simply plug this into another TV in the house as the U7A's sound and volume is more than enough for me. The bass in Theatre mode is something to be experienced - I didn't think a TV would be able to give out so much as the U7A blows out its little speakers.

Remote Control
A far cry from my plastic LG remote from 10 years ago. It feels rock solid, weighty and a quality piece of kit. I've mastered where the main buttons I will be using in a matter of minutes and can use the control in the dark already. Its logically laid out and quite basic which is just how I like a control to be.

Problems (and solutions)
- Lip-sync problems were ironed out through my SkyQ box as I had to change it to 0.20ms.

- I managed to use the volume control on my SkyQ remote control through Sky's excellent settings page which picked up the Hisense U7A and gave me a code in seconds.

- Changing from HD to UHD was done through Sky's interface again but was a doddle and done in a matter of seconds.

- WIFI connection was simple and it picked up my wireless router immediately. I entered the password and it connected within a few seconds - and has not dropped at all despite usually having problems with other devices in that particular room since my router is miles away.

- And now the big one. I turned the TV off and then put it back on again. And it began to flash like mad where I had to immediately turn the TV off and thought, "I hope I've kept the packaging". I then switched the TV on again and it lost signal to the HDMI1 port where my SkyQ was plugged in. So I turned the TV off, removed the HDMI from the back of the TV and plugged it in again and switched the TV on again and the flashing stopped and the picture was back on. I watched TV for about a couple of hours and turned it off again. I then switched it back on and the flashing started again so I immediately turned it off. I gave it around 30 seconds and switched on the TV and the picture was perfect again.

I have no idea what is happening but am hoping it is simply a faulty HDMI cable (unless this is a known problem). I will try and dig out another HDMI cable and will try it tomorrow. Otherwise its a call to Richer Sounds to sort it out!!!

I will keep everyone updated.

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