Hisense or Hitachi?

Colin Glover

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Costco are offering a 50" Hisense for £275, and Argos a 50" Hitachi for £279, both 4K. Will they be any good? Argos also doing a Samsung and a Philips for £350. What will be best? Viewing A lot of DVD's, so I'm wondering what upscaling will be like.


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I would say Hisense myself they are a good brand still trying to make a name for themselves in Europe

Sloppy Bob

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I'd avoid the Hitachi as they're cheap TVs made by Vestel in Turkey, Hitachi don't make TVs anymore.

To be honest none of them sound that great and you need to understand ytour requirements before randomly picking a TV brand,

Colin Glover

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I knew vestel made Hitachi sets. I saw them for £275/80, and there was a LSO a Philips and a Samsung for Both £350. Both HD10+. I reckon they'll be better. Also my current Samsung looks good but is 7+ yes old. I don't know what model it is. The TV was given to us, and dropped off and installed whilst at work, so I don't even know what technology is in it, just that it's a 55inch Smart TV.

Sloppy Bob

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And your 7 yr old Samsung may be a better TV for you than a cheap new one depending upon what you watch.

If you watch a lot of SD content then a 4K TV is going to look worse for example.

Both HD10+

I'm guessing you mean HDR10+
Don't be fooled by them "having HDR" or Dolby Vision or anything else like that as they're nowhere near the specs to show HDR off. It's a box-ticking exercise and all it means is your new TV won't look all washed out when viewing HDR content like early non-HDR 4K TVs did. You won't be getting HDR.

On a LED TV to get proper HDR the TV needs to have the brightness from the backlight to show it off and a Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) system to give you the contrast and to get those in a 55" 2020 Model TV you're looking at £899 for a Hisense U8QF (not one for a blind buy) or over £1100 for a Samsung/Sony etc.
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