Hisense OLED - How to calibrate? - strange colors


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Hi, I have the
Hisense 55A81G
since a few days here.
I am coming from a 10 year old 37" TV.

I am still in the testing phase, if I will to keep it or not.
So far I have only tested it with normal TV and some Streams (480p-1080p). I am going to borrow some 4K BluRays from my friend and will get a month of 4k Netflix.

My problem is that the colors kinda look.. too deep? Not sure how to explain. Like I switched over to Paw Patrol(Stream, 720p) and the Greens looked instead dark green or the reds were basically popping out. I immediately recognized that...
Same with that human MC, his face looked more brown.
Or I was on a website and on my monitor it looked deep green and on the TV it was just black.
The problem ist that I have no idea what it is supposed to look like. Is my Monitor just washed out or is it the OLED?

And sometimes I have the problem that it is like some pictures are overjumped? I was watching Bobs Burgers (TV, 480p) and in a very few Scenes it was like as if the person was sitting and in the next moment standing.
And a few times there was an "blur" around people.
Or with The Revenant (BD) at the very beginning it was like the picture was lagging.

Could somebody recommend some free ways to calibrate the picture?
So far I have used those white rectangles to change brigthness + black rectangles for contrast. Although, I have the problem that it´s not like in the guides.
Same with the read calibration, apparently the picture should show only two different reds, but that doesn´t work and it always shows multiple different reds compared to two.
I have used the patters from Youtube.


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I’m not familiar with your TV or brand but see if it has a Filmmaker mode or similar. Most manufacturers have at least one setting that is accurate-ish (or at least closer to accurate).

Post some pics of your settings options and I’m sure people here will endeavour to help.


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