Hisense K5510 (HE65K5510) Reviewer's Recommended Best Settings

Steve Withers

Distinguished Member
Disclaimer: The settings below are supplied for information purposes only. We make no guarantee that using the adjustments below will improve your TV's picture, they may even make it look worse. Every TV, even from the same manufacturer and model number will vary, as will the environment the TV is used in. For further information on how to set up your TV, please follow the steps in our Picture Perfect campaign.

To find a professional calibrator near you, see our Custom Installer and Calibrator Directory.

You can read the review here: Hisense HE65K5510

Picture Mode: Cinema Standard PC/Game HDR

Apply Picture Mode: All Source All Source All Source All Source

Brightness: 52 52 52 46

Contrast: 42 42 42 45

Colour Saturation: 44 40 40 40

Aspect Ratio: Direct Direct Direct Direct

Dynamic Backlight Control: Off Off Off Off

Backlight: 26 45 40 100

Tint: 0 0 0 0

Adaptive Contrast: Off Off Off Off

Colour Temperature: Warm Warm Warm Warm

Overscan: Off Off Off Off

Ultra Smooth Motion: Off Off Off Off

Noise Reduction: Off Off Off Off

White Balance

R-Offset: 0 0 0 0
G-Offset: 0 0 0 0
B-Offset: 0 0 0 0
R-Gain: 0 1 1 0
G-Gain: 0 0 0 0
B-Gain: -4 -4 -4 0


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Thanks for a great review of this TV which will hopefully fit my needs just fine. Took delivery of the TV yesterday however, hope to calibrate the picture today.

Can I ask why there are four options in each setting e.g. Backlight: 26 45 40 100?

Should I set to 26, 45, 40 or 100?

Steve Withers

Distinguished Member
It depends on the circumstances, the night setting uses 26 because you're watching in a dark room and you don't want things to be too bright or it can be fatiguing for the eyes. The day setting uses 45 because in the day time there is a lot more ambient light in the room, so you need a brighter image. The game setting is 40 because people usually game with some ambient light in the room but if you usually game in the dark then 25-30 would be more appropriate. The HDR setting uses a setting of 100 for the backlight because you need that to get the full benefit of the peak highlights in HDR content.


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Going to give the settings a try today..thanks Steve.


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see for the colour balance settings is this for the 2 bit or 10 bit colour would you be able to provide both lots if possible thanks


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see for the colour balance settings is this for the 2 bit or 10 bit colour would you be able to provide both lots if possible thanks

I'm keen to know this too. And what about sharpness?


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I don't understand these questions.
In the white balance section it states either 2bit or 10 bit settings (it's an option just above the RGB offset stuff)
And in picture mode it's as follows : Standard, Cinema, PC/Game, Dynamic, HDR (i don't currently have a HDR device so this is greyed out)

Steve Withers

Distinguished Member
It isn't very obvious because my carefully set up table got crushed together when I posted it but if you look at the picture modes you'll see I list four – Cinema (Night Mode), Standard (Day Mode), PC/Game (Game Mode) and HDR (HDR Mode). There are four numbers or settings for each topic beneath that, each of which equates to the relevant Picture Mode. So for example the Brightness setting is 52 for Cinema, Standard and PC/Game and 46 for HDR.

There is a 2-point and a 10-point white balance control but I have only provided settings for the 2-point, where it says White Balance R-Offset etc.

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