Question Hisense H65N6800 or H65A6500

Which model is better?

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Hello all,

I just want to have your opinion and advice for following situation. Have bought a new 65" Hisense TV last week for round about 920€ - to be concrete, the model H65N6800.
After the installation I took notice that another model was delivered, the H65A6500.
Since this time I'm trying to find out which model is the better one.

Following differences i've found out...

H65A6500 (Hisense A6500 TV | Hisense UK)
+ 2018er model
+ direct backlit
~ PCI 1800
- less input/output connections

H65N6800 (Hisense N6800 TV | Hisense UK)
+ UltraLED technology
+ more connections & analog audio out
+ PCI 2200
~ 2017er model
- edgelit

Is the direct-backlit feature better than the Ultra-LED technology? I think this would be the point and the decission to get in contact with the vendor and initiate an exchange.(?)

Many thanks in advance for your support in this case!
Best regards!


I wouldn't worry about trying to make sense of manufacturers specs, they mean very little and often are incorrect.

Technically the N6800 is the better spec TV as it incorporates a wide colour gamut.

But a wide colour gamut only means you get better colour with a HDR source so its not really a big deal on a TV that can't display HDR to a good standard anyway.

Edge lit/direct lit means very little.
PCI is just a figure made up by Hisense to make one TV look better than the next, no one knows how they calculate it. Not a useful spec at all unless they explain how they calculate it.
Not sure what Hisense mean by UltraLED but it could mean the wide colour gamut.

Unless you particularly are going to use a lot of HDR, which really isn't going to be that great on a TV at this price anyway I would not worry about getting the new A series model instead.


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Many thanks for your feedback & advice Dodgexander. Haven't found further points why to change and will stay with the current, newer model.


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In general I'm still satisfied with the 65A6500.
For my purpose (watching FullHD TV & playing Xbox One from time to time) it's really fully enough and a big improvement to my old TV.

The missing analog audio out was compensated with an additional optical audio switch/splitter.

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