Hisense H65M7000 vs H65M5500 / HE65K5510


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Hi all,

I'm trying to decide whether the H65M7000 is worth the extra £300 (more in some places) over the H65M5500 / HE65K5510 (which I understand are the same, just different colours)?

From looking at the specs the only features the M7000 appears to offer is ULED instead of LED (although i'm not sure if this is just marketing waffle), a full metal surround and local dimming?

Has anyone been lucky enough to see both side by side or know of any other features the M7000 has to justify the extra cost?


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The M7000 is substantially brighter, has a wider colour gamut and local dimming, it's a good step up in the range and well priced against other models offering the same features.

Whether it's worth it for you depends on how much HDR content you're watching and possibly whether the brightness of the M5500 may be an issue.


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Thank you for the reply. I won't be watching that much HDR although i'll be trying to make use of 4k as much as possible. The TV is mainly used for watching films/Netflix in a dimly lit room and playing games on the PS4.

I fitted a 55" M5500 at my parents house last night and thought it looked pretty good - brightness didn't seem to be an issue. This is what got me thinking that either the M5500 or M7000 would be more than enough for what I want. Originally I was planning on going for either the Samsung KS7000 or Panasonic DX750B, but having seen these in person i'm struggling to justify going for them over either Hisense model.

I've had a Sony KDL55W829 for the last 2 years which has been a very solid all round TV so if I can improve on that picture, get an extra 10 inches and 4k then i'll be happy.


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I'm in a similiar position. I've got an LG OLED tv for most program watching but wanted a large 4K tv for PS4.

I can definitely recommend the 65m5510. Brightness is absolutely fine. No need to worry. 4K quality is great. Haven't tried any HDR as yet but wasn't a big factor for me plus the price is fantastic.


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