Hisense H43B7500UK - Soft/Blurred Image + Text


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Hi All,

Recently purchased a H43B7500UK (firmware v0000.01.00a.K0117) and whilst generally it seems to be a fairly decent TV, especially for the money, i have noticed that the Picture is a little soft and blurred as if it isn't scaled or anti-aliased correctly. This is especially noticeable with menu text/icons within menus and apps, although it also seems to be noticeable when using other sources like a Firestick 4K (set to 4K/Auto resolution).

I have 'played' around with most of the settings and it has little affect especially Sharpness. Currently the settings are - Picture mode is Standard; everything is set to Off other than Backlight, which is set to Low; sharpness is set to 25%; Enhanced HDMI mode is enabled and colour Gamut is set to Native.

Although i did spot that restricting the resolution to 1080p50Hz on the Firestick, as well as an old RPi3 running Kodi, seems to produce better and sharper text/icons and the overall image is improved somewhat. However, there does seem to be a few caveats in doing this like frame-rates not adjusting.

Is this just Hisense/model of TV and to be expected or is this likely a fault?
Is there any adjustments that might solve this?
And is there newer firmware that the above that may correct it? Built in updater suggests not.

On another note, has anyone found a fix for the lip syncing issues?
This is a very minor niggle as it only appears to be around 50ms out (from adjusting Kodi), only happens with certain sources such as the Firestick and some built-in apps, and it depends on what material is being watched/played.

Much appreciated for any help!


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Did you get to the bottom of this? I am seeing the same thing. Text especially on netflix built in app just seems slightly blurred and lacking crisp edges. Its almost like its stuck on 720p or something. Lip sync... There is a setting in the menu where by default for some bizarre reason it is way off. Might need latest firmware but its under speakers.

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