Hisense H40M3300 picture quality problems


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Hi All - I am new to this site so go easy on me if I seem a sandwhich short of a picnic in my questioning
I have just picked up a manufacturer refurbished 40M3300 model for a relatively reasonable price -£235
very happy with the sound quality and its freeview play update - wasnt expecting to get that. Had it a day now and have to say the picture quality is preety poor , especially in standard definition. the hd is ok but there is so much light bleed ( I think thats what you call it) on dark colours- blacks become green blotches- its worse in the standard mode. should it be this bad ? Ive gone on youtube and played a 4k video which was pretty impressive quality , but still some shadowing. I just want a decent picture in standard mode , but its dreadfuul and HD tuner only offer limited selections. Im thinking of returning it unless any suggestions - thanks for any helpful answers in advance

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