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Hi my friends

Im from Portugal.

After buyed a Hisense H55M3300 and using it since 2 years, i decided to bought another Hisense UHD Led TV.

The Hisense model it was the 65B7100

So it will bem arrive to my hands until working days.

So i would like to make this thread for people that bougth it and would like to exchange the opinião and tests with Hisense B7100 model.

So, let's posting...

Good work
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Simply avoid the B7100 and get the 55" or 65" B7500 that has real wide color gamut and proper HDR 400, larger speakers and a much nicer uni-body design for super small difference in price.

Simply no reason to get the B7100.


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I have had a 55B7100 for a week now, and I am very impressed with it.
I have set the picture mode to Cinema Day and the color temperature to standard, everything else default.
I have had a operating system crash where none of the smart apps would work, just got a black screen. This was fixed by switching off at the plug and rebooting.
I suspect that the wifi might be a bit dodgy, causing the crash. I have a ethernet cable on the way to hard wire the network.


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First tests:
- HDR works fine im Netflix and Youtube!
- Have frezes when see 4K videos on Youtube.Maybe because some home ethernet problems.Maybe?
- I can't see.anything in 60hz.Only in 50hz.Why?
- Im using the same hdmi cable than used before in my H55M3300.And in this tv i has 60hz


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Test sound of this 65b7100:
- Sincerely!Much better in 55M3300 than this 65b7100.
Its seen that this b7100 needs powerfull sound.
I discover that the type of this speakers are very similar or even the same than 55M3300.
But the b7100 performance and equalizer is terrible with not the same power than m3300.
Curiosity is this type of speakers are the same than some Toshiba models that are using Onkyo® speakers.But with no Onkyo® letters in the speakers.
The reality is that the H55M3300 have much better sound with the same speakers type and a good equalizer software/hardware.


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just bought 50B7100 and i'm impressed with it.
I'm using it with my mezzmo media server and having issue streaming the subrip *.srt files to it.

naming convention already same as video file.
maybe someone can throw me a bone here?


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In my old H55M3300 the sub appears in a type of size in all MP4 and Matroska files that i need need new glasses to read them🤔.
In this B7100 i never tried yet!

By the way and once you are here how about frame pictures.
I ask this to you and everybody here because in HD Ready, Full HD and UHD, in Netflix or Satellite Receiver using 2.0 Hdmi Cable the image is all most time framed in picture movements.
Im thinking that this B7100 did not have any type of Motion Software or even more than 50/60Hz.

What is your opinion?


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I bought 50b7100. Is there motion control setting ? Did anyone manage to get professional picture calibration?


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Is exactly that i am talking about.I dont see that control anywhere in this B7100 series.
Maybe because of that we have the image so bad.
just bought 50B7100 and i'm impressed with it.
I'm using it with my mezzmo media server and having issue streaming the subrip *.srt files to it.

naming convention already same as video file.
maybe someone can throw me a bone here?

I have A5600 and B7100, non of them can stream subtitles over network, regardless which media server or sub type I tried, only from directly connected media on USB port.
It is limitation inside software (which I cannot understand why).

Only way to get subtitle to work is to "burn in".

My Samsung from 2012. work like a charm with subs, but these newer model not...

I've heard/read that is has something with DLNA certifikates (after 2014.), but I didn't find any concrete proof for that.


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I contacted the Hisense Portugal/Spain to obtain any information about the B7100 model MOTION PICTURE OPTION in a future firmware.
How can Hisense launched this model in 2019 and this option is out of firmware?
If any information about this theme i will report to you here.


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The information that i had from Hisense Spain is that the B7100 model have by default the " Motion Picture Enhancer."

I said that this information is insane because i have this option in my other Hisense H55M3300 in Image Advanced Menus and only because of that we can change from 3 stages and the image can be more fluid than ever.

So it is insane to say that this model have it by default.
You can't see it in any Menu Option and for me even by default in B7100 Hisense put it.

The image of this B7100 is HORRIBLE in scroll images!
The Hisense say too that this model have 60Hz top.This is the only true for me because i have it.
So if have 60Hz only why say that have Motion Picture Enhancer????For what????

The B7100 generation (and it is one 2019 model play attention my friends) did not have another image software treatment.The "MEMC".

You can see this in Hisense Slogan in B7100 page on Hisense France Web Page and Hisense Spain but the true is that if you not see it in Specitications B7100 page!

See it by yourself:

- "NO"
- "NO"

So does it have it...or not?🤔

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I hope the new firmware will have a solution. Also I noticed there's no option to switch the hdr off, the hdr picture isn't good on this TV. Also the backlight option when switched off, low or high there's no changes in the picture! Add to that there's no picture motion control!
Do anyone know how to change so one can watch the analog channels? When my relative who have bough the Hisense B7100 choose "tv" all she see is the digital channels, and a number of channels she has is only analog (without paying more for all digital). I might be missing something really simple here since I wasn't able to help her out over the phone. o_O


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I have this tv and apps crash if i select them from the home screen. they work fine using buttons on the remote. anybody got the latest firmware or fix?

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