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I made the mistake of buying a (2nd) Hisense U7QF from Very in December 2020.

Since then I've had various issues - red ghosting/blur and screen uniformity that seems to be getting worse.

The issue is that Hisense just won't reply to any correspondence from me. I tried again to sort this issue but they just told me to do a factory reset and then subsequently ignored multiple emails from me. One look at Hisense UK reviews on Trustpilot tells you all you need to know.

This is the screen uniformity of my current TV:


This is the screen uniformity of my first U7QF that was deemed by Hisense as unacceptable. My current one is worse yet they don't authorize a return!


Here's the awful red motion blur/ghosting issue. Notice the red ghosting/bleed on the lady walking in the background (all motion settings were turned off btw).

Because Hisense won't respond, Very want me to send the TV back to them for them to inspect. I have already told them it's hard to reproduce the red ghosting issue as it doesn't happen with everything. They've told me that if no issue is found then I would have to pay for the return of the TV to myself. I told them that if no issue was found then just keep the TV and put it in the bin. It's of no use to me in its current state. I have sent them a link to the video and photos of the screen uniformity.

I want to know where I stand. I'm exasperated at the total lack of customer service from both Very and Hisense (bad combo, I should have known better).

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Perhaps it fell of your wall and you had to claim on the house ins.

What house insurance? :(

Nah, I'm just tired of it all.

I actually ended up buying a refurb XH9005 a few months ago because I was sick if the U7QF issues. Guess what? The screen uniformity is great and there's zero red ghosting/blur!

I just want the whole issue sorted. At the moment it's £550 down the drain. I'll just have to take it on the chin and never use Very or buy Hisense ever again.

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Its the 55 " 8uq one. Think its the next up from yours

I just read this in the U8QF sub-forum:

"Hisense seem to think the red ghosting is normal 😂 I'm glad it's going back to Costco tomorrow. This is what they said

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your email and for the images/videos provided. I'm sorry for the delayed response.

This has been looked in to further and has been explained that redness and blurring is a natural phenomenon that occurs in darker and faster moving scenes due to the way light is emitted from the LEDs though the quantum panel. I would recommend adjusting the brightness and contrast settings as this should help to reduce the effects of this however this would be considered within specification.

So, Hisense think the red ghosting is a "natural phenomenon". On their TV's, probably.

Ah well, there's no use me continuing my complaints if that is their attitude. £550 down the proverbial drain. What an expensive lesson to learn. :mad:


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Hisense make garbage and don't honour warranties.

I ended having several different models as it would repeatedly break.

I had 1 last 20 or so months in the end, developed all sorts of issues and they refused the warranty.

Got a Samsung Q70r instead and it's much better.

No one buys hisense twice, cheap Chinese crap and an awful company to deal with.


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You bought it from Very and that who your contract is; no need to go direct to Hisense, just put pressure on Very. Explain the issue politely but firmly, and if they don’t budge escalate as a complaint. Simple fact is that the tv does not meet expeditions and isn’t fit for purpose.

Doubt you would get a refund but vouchers would be something....


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Did you buy on a credit card? See if your CC company will do a chargeback, then the ball is in Very’s hands.
You could ask the CAB for advice if you believe the TV faulty and not fit for purpose

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Thanks for all the replies.

It seems the only choice I have is sending the TV back to Very and hoping their 'inspector' deems the TV faulty.

Hisense seem to pass the buck regarding the red ghosting by describing it as a "natural phenomenon". Therefore, even if Very can reproduce it, they'll go with Hisense. The red ghosting isn't something that you can find by only sitting watching something for 5 minutes. It isn't there all of the time.

I would be left relying on them finding the screen uniformity unacceptable. I've just lost all confidence in them. I really don't want further charges for delivery of the TV back to me if they can't find any issues.

Looks like they've got me by the *****.

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Why are they so highly rated on here then? The u8fq gets put in the high tier for tvs

Because they're high spec and value for money.

I'd never compromise again. For me, paying less for a refurb XH9005 over a U7QF was a no-brainer. Screen uniformity, out of the box settings and motion are in a different league on the Sony.

Vincent wasn't particularly complimentary about the U8QF when he reviewed it though. I hope you do get a set that doesn't have any red ghosting issues. If you see it once, you'll see it again and it'll destroy your gaming/movie experience.

Hisense must think we're stupid by describing the red ghosting as a "natural phenomenon". I've never seen anyone mention it occurring on Sony sets. As well as the U7QF and U8QF in UK/Europe, the U8G and H9G sets also have issues in the US.

85% bad reviews for Hisense on Trustpilot says it all really. Absolute charlatans.

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Thats filling me with bags of home tomorrow 😭😭😭

If you do have the issue, just send it back straight away.

It's not something they can fix with firmware updates. They'll probably then try to install another T-con board. Too many people tolerate small issues imo.

Quite a few people are happy with their U8QF's though. Don't get too stressed by my horror stories. :)


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No i wont, i spent £3500 on a coffee machine that wasnt right so that went right back. That didnt go down well with the sheeple.

Its just all the hassle that goes with.

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