Hisense A7100F (43A7100FTUK) Owner Question


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Looking for any other owners of the A7100F range (in particular 43A7100FTUK) to see if they are experiencing the same two slightly annoying issues I am:

Firstly, the TV is auto-dimming the backlight when it should not be - this is mainly noted when the screen is mainly black and there is one bright object on the screen - however, this should not be happening as I have the following settings:

Backlight > Dynamic Backlight Control = Off
Adaptive Contrast = Off
Automatic Content Recognition = Off

This model does not have local dimming.

It doesn't (noticeably) happen often, but is annoying - anyone else experienced this?

Secondly, it appears to be "forgetting" that HDMI 2.0 Format is set to Enhanced Format after, being powered off - when turned back on, the menu still shows it as being selected, but multiple devices (Roku Streaming Stick 4K and PS4 Pro) are only detecting it as able to receive 4K HDR @ 30Hz (so actually just accepting Standard format).

If I turn Enhanced Format to Standard Format, then back to Enhanced Format it is then fine, with both devices now detecting it as able to receive 4K HDR @ 60Hz. It is then all fine until I power it off next - frustrating.

I have contacted Hisense, but they have just confirmed I am indeed on the latest Firmware, and want to arrange a repair - however, I am not sure if that will make any difference as feel this is a bug in the firmware, so I don't want them to take the TV away for repair / replace to continue to have the same issues...

Anyone else experienced these issues or able to test if they can replicate?

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- Update on the Enhanced Format issue -

I have discovered if I set my Roku to "4K HDR10 at 60fps" instead of "Automatic", and enter my PS4 Pro's Safe mode, and set resolution to "2160p - RGB" instead of "Automatic", both devices will correctly output and the TV accepts it, so presuming it is some sort of HDMI handshake issue making the devices incorrectly detect settings when on "Automatic".


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On settings/picture settings for tv, select apply to current source, instead of apply to all sources. If its on all sources when you turn it off then it can override any settings previously inputed on other hdmi ports. Also try swapping hdmi ports because it may be something to do with arc.
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I will try setting those settings, one port at a time, rather than all sources to see if makes a difference (although I do want those settings fot all ports).

The HDMI format can only be changed one port at a time, and all ports are set to Enhanced.

Can’t really change ports as everything (apart from the Roku as it won’t play nicely connected to receiver) are connected via a receiver and ARC, happens with all sources.

Spoke to Hisense who think it is a problem with my tv, and suggested return, but just hoping a new firmware would fix.

Not a huge problem, just need to occasionally toggle between standard and enhanced format, only notice dimming at credits or loading screens. Just kinda annoying.

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