Hisense 55U7QF or Sony KE-55XH9096


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I'm about to buy a new TV and still hesitating between few options.
Therefore I would like to get some opinion from you.

TV usage:
  • Generally we do not watch TV very often, therefore I don't want to spend a lot of money for it (about 500-700 EUR)
  • Mainly use for Netflix and movies, no gaming at all.
  • Size 55" (could be bigger, but the budget is limitation here)
  • Don't care about sound quality very much, since we already have a soundbar

My top 3 options so far (available in Czech Republic):
1. Hisense 55U7QF (540 EUR) -> so far my #1 consideration
2. Sony KE-55XH9096 (could get it for 730 EUR) -> upper range of the budget, but not sure if this really worth paying 200 EUR more than for Hisense.
3. TCL 55C725 (620 EUR) -> specs looks good, but I'm afraid about the quality

Thank you


The Sony is a tiny bit better than the Hisense and may be worth the extra if you want a TV with better motion. However the Hisense is more than enough for 99% of people.

The TCL is not compared at all. Its a TV without high peak brightness and no FALD system.

Beware with cheaper TVs that if you want to enjoy services like Netflix in UHD you really need to be setting your heights a bit higher to avoid problems with HDR. If you keep your Netflix plan at HD, or dial down the quality in your Netflix control panel when you come across a title that looks bad in HDR its no problem.


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Thank you.
If I reconsider to invest more and get a better quality TV - do you think the Philips 55OLED805 is the best choise at this price range (currently 940 EUR)?

I checked your guide New My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition, 55-60" High Tier category.
Panasonic 55HZ980 and LG 55BX are unavailable in trustworthy shops at this moment, Phillips is the only one I get get basically immediately.


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So we've bought the Philips 55OLED805 yesterday.
The screen quality is incredible, definitely worth the money.

Thanks for your feedback.

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