Hisense 55U7BUK or Samsung UE55MU7070


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Hi Avfourms,

I'm in the market for a new 55" tv with a budget of around £550. From reading over the forums it seems like the Hisense 55U7BUK is the best in this price category of new tvs but my local tv store has the Samsung UE55MU7070 for around the same price. I know it's nearly 2 years old now but the panel and refresh rate seem to be superior. Which tv would you guys recommend? Has there really been that much development in tv's in the past 2 years?

Do you have fibre internet capable of UHD streaming? Yes
Will you be buying and using an UHD Blu-Ray player? No
Netflix? yes
Amazon? yes
Catch up TV?
HDR games consoles? no but possibly in the future
PC usage? no
DVDs? no
FHD Blu-Rays? no
Sky, BT or Virgin? UHD or HD? Will be streaming mainly.

The viewing angles will be straight on.



Compared to the MU7000 the U7B will be better at supporting more HDR formats, it supports Dolby Vision HDR which is important for Netflix.

Where it falls short is with motion, but that really should only be noticeable if you are watching sport.

You could wait for prices to drop and go for the Hisense U8B or Samsung RU8000 which would be the 2019 equivalents to the MU7000. They will probably drop in price come black friday.

Buying now otherwise from 2019 lines and TVs tend to cost more than they are worth.
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