Hisense 55M7000 measured calibration settings


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Hey everyone,

I know it says no game mode setting but canny anyone recommends game settings for the 1230 firmware.

Also can someone please clarify for me, when gaming on an HDR game it switched so HDR mode. When I switch back to game mode, is that still then HDR or not?

Obviously, I want the same game mode benefits when gaming in HDR.

Hope that makes sense. Would love your input @Nobbler but realise you have moved on from this TV.




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Hi there Nobber I've read ur Clear Chip Solution.. Is this applicable to what i'm experiencing to my 50k322 Hisense ultra4ktv? Because before i can watch 4k movies in my tv but after a couple of yrs.. 3yrs to be exact i can't play anymore 4k movies it's just white with stripes whenever i tried to watch 4k movies, is the"Clear Chip" procedure will work? do u have a firmware for this kind of tv so i can start the process? tnx


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Thanks Nobbler, for your advice. Used it on my 65" and big improvements. Thanks for that. It's still helping people improve there TV, years on.

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