Question Hisense 55M700 vs Samsung 55KU6400

Discussion in 'Hisense TVs Forum' started by Atomicus, Dec 15, 2016.

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    Torn here... I actually already have the Hisense, but it has developed a fault with the USB ports, so JL are offering to exchange or give me a different set (it's only a couple of weeks old). I had initially considered the Samsung, but went with the Hisense due to its favourable user feedback, and just to try something different. I can't say I'm unhappy with it, picture quality and blacks are good although it took A LOT of tinkering with the settings to get it right. Skin tones particularly were blotchy and lips also looked off... still do sometimes. I also have some noticeable bleed in the corners (in dark scenes), but I know all LCD's will suffer from this to varying degrees... this certainly isn't the worst I've seen.

    I don't know if the Samsung would actually be better, but has anyone had experience with both, or offer any advice? One factor which may or may not make all the difference is the apparent lack of FRC on the Samsung (according to displayspecifications anyway). Apart from that, they seem to be very evenly matched on spec.

    The Sony 55XD7005 is another option, bit more expensive but near the same. Really can't find very much info on this set though.
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