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Hi, I just joined this forum and this is my first post.

I have the H43B7500 and had some problems with setting up but it's all solved except that I can not get PVR working.
On first run TV updated software to:
Software Version: V0000.01.00a.K0409

Could that be reason?
Because i watched video on YouTube where PVR is working on exactly same model (at position about 7 minutes):
I do not have 3rd entry in menu (at 6:50 of video) with or without external USB device connected.
I tried with external SSD and Flash drive (very fast, and both NTFS formatted).
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I'm not sure, have you contacted Hisense's customer service? They get back quite quickly via e-mail and have a contact phone number as well that's usually quite quick to answer, though its a UK number, not sure how they are contactable in Croatia.


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Thanks for reply.
Yes I did.
First sent email to UK, where they gave me instructions how to factory reset, but that is what I already did.
Then I sent email to nearest center in Slovenia and they gave me contact email and address in Croatia. So I found their central phone number where I got service number in Croatia, but nobody is answering on that number and I will try again tomorrow.


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What are people's sdr settings? got this tv today and I tried the settings in the link umbral posted but in sdr people's faces look red
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